Sunday , 25 February 2018
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When Do Most Babies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

YourBabyLibrary-When Do Most Babies Start Sleeping Through The Night

A question that all parents ask is “when will my baby start sleeping through the night?” Unfortunately, the answer is going to be different for each baby. There are, however, some guidelines that you can use to determine when most babies sleep through the night and what you can do to make this a positive journey for you and your ... Read More »

What Really Keeps New Parents From Sleeping

It seems that once your baby is born that you’ll never again get a good night’s sleep. Getting the sleep that you need during the first few months after your baby’s birth are crucial for your health and sanity. The key to getting enough sleep is recognizing that sleep is important and that for the first few months after giving ... Read More »

Weaning Your Baby from Nighttime Feedings

YourBabyLibrary-Weaning Your Baby From Nighttime Feedings

Getting Ready for Weaning There’s going to come the time when you’re going to want to wean your baby from nighttime feedings. Most babies are reluctant to give up these nighttime feedings. It’s not that your baby needs the nourishment at night, it’s that he enjoys the comfort of being close to you and the peaceful feeling he gets from ... Read More »

Tummy Time Tactics

The Importance of Tummy Time As a new parent, you’ll often hear how important it is to give you baby some tummy time during the day. This isn’t always as easy as it seems as many babies protest any time that they have to spend on their stomachs. There are several reasons why you need to keep attempting tummy time, ... Read More »

Top 7 Tips for Traveling With a Baby

YourBabyLibrary-Top 7 Tips for Traveling With a Baby

The thought of taking your baby on a family vacation probably sounds exciting and terrifying at the same time. When it comes to babies, getting there is definitely not half the fun. An upcoming flight can make you think of a screaming baby driving all the other passengers crazy, with no way to escape. A road trip brings up thoughts ... Read More »

To Cry or Not to Cry

YourBabyLibrary-To Cry or Not to Cry

Helping Your Child Learn to Sleep Most parents at one time or another wonder if and when their child is ever going to learn to sleep on their own. When your baby is quite young she’ll need to wake up at least once during the night to nurse or bottle feed. Young babies also need the reassurance that you’re there. ... Read More »