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Baby Signing

The Fun of Teaching Your Baby to Sign It’s easy enough to read some of your baby’s body language, such as the cry he makes when he’s hungry or the frown on his face when he’s filling up his diaper. However, signing lets you communicate even more with your baby. Your baby will be able to let you know what ... Read More »

Baby Activities – Vision

Five Activities that Stimulate Your Baby’s Vision When your baby is born her senses are not yet fully developed. These senses, such as vision, will improve and mature in the coming months. It’s the right kind of stimulation that is going to matter so much to help your baby develop in the way they should. When your baby is first ... Read More »

Apgar Test

What is an Apgar Test? When your baby is first born he’ll be given what’s known as an “Apgar Test.” In another five minutes his Apgar score will be calculated once again. The test is a quick way for doctors to see how your baby is doing now that he’s out of your womb and into the world. It’s important ... Read More »

Baby Tantrums

Babies and Tantrums You think that your little angel is absolutely perfect and then one day, without any warning, you watch as he has his first tantrum. Tantrums are a bit like a storm. One minute your baby will be playing nicely on the floor and the next minute he’s whining and screaming as loud as he can because one ... Read More »

Charting Your BBT

YourBabyLibrary-Charting Your BBT

Pregnancy and Your BBT Once you’ve made the decision to have a baby you probably want to get pregnant as soon as possible so you can start on the wonderful journey of becoming a parent. One of the most efficient ways to maximize your chances of conceiving each month is by charting your BBT (basal body temperature). Keeping track of ... Read More »

Normal Sperm Count – Basics on Semen Analysis

YourBabyLibrary-Normal Sperm Count Basics on Semen Analysis

Importance of Sperm Analysis If you and your partner are having problems getting pregnant your next step will be infertility testing to determine what’s preventing you from being able to conceive. A semen analysis will be part of your workup for infertility just as your partner will undergo testing to see if there are reasons that she’s not able to ... Read More »