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13 Weeks Pregnant – Goodbye First Trimester, Hello Second!

YourBabyLibrary- 13 Weeks Pregnant: Goodbye First Trimester, Hello Second
YourBabyLibrary- 13 Weeks Pregnant: Goodbye First Trimester, Hello Second

13 Weeks Pregnant – Smell ya later, first trimester!

13 weeks pregnant and its time to bid your first trimester a fond farewell. Or not. “Adieu smell of my husband’s aftershave making me quickly locate the nearest toilet, sink, or trash can! See ya later skyrocketing emotions that made me cry at the drop of a hat!

Oh, weekly migraine headache, it’s been real. So long pregnancy symptoms, I’ll never forget you!” Um, yeah – you can be quite sure that you’ll never forget those intense early pregnancy symptoms, but your memories will be far from warm and fuzzy.

No, you will never forget these trying first weeks’ pregnancy symptoms because they’ve tried your patience! If you are one of those lucky ladies that experienced either very mild or no pregnancy symptoms at all, you’ve truly dodged a bullet.

Though different pregnancy symptoms may appear, few will have the intensity as those early weeks of pregnancy. While 13 weeks pregnant, most women feel their pregnancy symptoms subside or completely disappear.

Rest easier…

Another bit of good news at the 13 weeks pregnant mark is that your risk for miscarriage has decreased. The majority of miscarriages occur within the first trimester, so you can put your mind at ease that much more.

That’s not to say that 13 weeks pregnant is the point in a pregnancy where nothing may occur, it just much becomes less likely as the weeks go by.

Staying body positive…

Your baby is growing like an adorable little weed and you are growing like…well, you’re just growing. Right about now you are just about to your second trimester and can clearly envision what is physically in store for you.

Maybe you walked by a woman further along in her pregnancy at the supermarket. Before you were pregnant you wouldn’t really think much more than, “Wow, that lady is very pregnant”.

Now as a woman whose pregnancy train is rollin’ and rollin’ fast, you think, “Oh no, that’s about to be me!”. Or maybe your feelings about your changing body are much deeper and much more serious.

Women who’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past have an especially difficult time letting go of control.

They feel torn between feeling totally committed to the health of their unborn baby, and at the same time, desperately trying to break the habit of being in control, to a dangerous level, of their weight.

Even women who have had years of healthy body image and healthy food issues since their struggles with eating disorders, find themselves feeling some old feelings during pregnancy.

Old, familiar, and harmful feelings don’t need to leave you with shame or guilt. It’s best to talk to a professional now.

Even if you know for certain that these feelings will not by any means, lead to old behaviors, hiding or stuffing these thoughts and hoping they’ll go away is not a solution.

Emotions are high during pregnancy and may not be just one of the hormone-related pregnancy symptoms.

Positive body image is difficult for many women, and for a woman who has struggled harder than others, watching your body grow and grow (and grow) may be hard.

Being 13 weeks pregnant is a good time to evaluate exactly how you are dealing, and to consider asking for help.

Pregnancy brings out the best in some, and the rudest in others…

If you’ve shared the baby news with friends and family by the time you’re 13 weeks pregnant, you might find that some relationships become tricky to navigate.

Certain family members may be making assumptions that you did not anticipate. What? Your mother-in-law insists on being in the delivery room?

Your mother is staying with you after the baby is born for HOW LONG??? And get ready for the same questions over and over.

Before you know the sex of the baby, it’s “Do you want a boy or a girl?”. If you answer, “Either one as long as it’s healthy”, you may be met with an impolite eye roll.

And names. Oh, the baby names. “Have you thought about names yet? Yes?…What?…That’s a horrible name!”. People you never thought of as rude, are suddenly the rudest you’ve ever met! 13 weeks is still relatively early, so enjoy this time where you can still get away with “We don’t know yet!”, even if you do!

Stay strong!

Hopefully, it feels pretty great being 13 weeks pregnant. Your pregnancy symptoms have calmed down, and you may even have a better handle on any pregnancy symptoms the second or third trimesters may have up their sleeves.

Hopefully, this week is a defining moment for you. You may find that you’re stronger than you thought you were, and maybe braver too – working out old issues and tackling the new ones head on.

Keep it up, mama. This 13 weeks pregnant outlook will take you far, all the way to 40 weeks and beyond!

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