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14 Weeks Pregnant – Uncharted And Exciting Territory!

YourBabyLibrary- 14 Weeks Pregnant: Uncharted and Exciting Territory
YourBabyLibrary- 14 Weeks Pregnant: Uncharted and Exciting Territory

14 Weeks Pregnant – Destination second trimester! You made it!

Welcome aboard to your second trimester! At 14 weeks your baby is now the size of a lemon and is moving and grooving in your ever expanding uterus.

Are you amazed by your body yet? You should be! By now those early pregnancy symptoms may have finally given you a much needed break and you are ready to enjoy this pregnancy!

Things are happening fast and will only get faster! OK, second trimester. Let’s get this party started.

Is that a baby, or did you just eat a big meal?

Have you started to show? You and your partner may notice that your stomach has started to push out a bit while 14 weeks pregnant, but to most, you look no different.

Even though you may not look like you thought a 14 weeks pregnant woman would look like, your pre-pregnancy wardrobe begs to differ.

You may not have one pair of pants left in your closet that fit you, and the buttons on your button down blouses are starting to look at little stressed out.

If you haven’t already, celebrate your 14 week mark and entry into the second trimester, and do a little shopping!

Let’s get glamorous!

While you’re at it, take this time in your pregnancy for a day of beauty. The first trimester may have left you feeling rough.

Pregnancy symptoms, especially nausea, don’t really make you feel like getting all gussied up. No, at the height of those awful early pregnancy symptoms, you felt accomplished if you were able to just get your hair washed.

Now that the fog has lifted and those pregnancy symptoms have subsided, you may be ready to feel a little better about your appearance.

While you are pregnant,  if you’re planning on getting any color done to your hair, it may be wise to talk with your doctor or midwife first.

Some chemicals that are used for hair treatments may be harmful for you to inhale and might need to be avoided.

Hair treatments today that are used to color or highlight hair are much safer than they once were, with more and more products using more plant based ingredients, so a quick call to the salon to find out what you can expect may be in order.

If you are still experiencing the most dreaded pregnancy symptom – nausea – you should probably just stick with the cut and nix the color. Hair products smell, and they may send you over the edge.

Read any good books lately?

Are you finding yourself doing more reading than you have since college? With so much literature out there about pregnancy, birth and child development, there’s a lot of information to devour.

It’s as if there’s no end in sight! Getting prepared and learning as much as you can is great, but don’t forget to read something “just because”.

There will come a time very soon where you will marvel about how many things you were able to get done before your pregnancy.

Starting a novel and finishing said novel in the same month will cause you to look back at yourself and say “put down the baby book and pick up that novel!”.

So, step away from the baby books, at least for a few chapters of some great fiction. You owe it to future busy new mom you!

Beware of those who compare and contrast!

One challenge that can pop up around the 14 week pregnancy point is trying to avoid or ignore comparisons.

Sharing your pregnancy experience to someone else – maybe stories about how you’re coping with pregnancy symptoms, what hospital you plan on giving birth in, what birthing classes you’re thinking of taking – can lead to people comparing either their own pregnancy experience, or the pregnancy experience of someone close to them.

It can get a little nerve racking. Maybe you’re planning on a drug-free birth and the person whom you are sharing this with rattles off some horrific story of someone she knows that had a drug-free birth that went incredibly wrong.

Not helpful. Or, maybe after sharing with someone the tough time you’ve been having with your pregnancy symptoms, and instead of a bit of empathy or encouragement you get, “you know, my sister never had any pregnancy symptoms, but she eats really healthy”. Again, not helpful.

Thoughtless comparisons are just that – thoughtless. Some people, though often times well-meaning, think they’re an expert on every subject.

You’ll be surprised at how many men seem to feel like they’re experts on what you should be expecting while 14 weeks pregnant, such as what may be causing your pregnancy symptoms, and all other pregnancy matters!

Best thing you can do: when you start to feel the conversation veering towards a compare/contrast type, tune it out. While 14 weeks pregnant, you’re just getting a feel of who you are as a woman experiencing pregnancy.

Avoid any kind of exchanges that can leave you second guessing yourself.

Have a great trip through the second trimester!

The emotional highs and lows, pregnancy symptoms, and general newness of the first trimester may have made it feel like your entire pregnancy would move at a snail’s pace.

The second trimester is a whole other story. The 14 week marks the beginning of some serious fun. You’ll start showing more and more, you may find out your baby’s gender, and with your energy back, you will start to have more good days than bad.

So, welcome to the start of your second trimester. Enjoy the ride!

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