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15 Weeks Pregnant – Decisions And Excitement Afoot!

YourBabyLibrary-15 Weeks Pregnant: Decisions and Excitement Afoot
YourBabyLibrary-15 Weeks Pregnant: Decisions and Excitement Afoot

15 Weeks Pregnant – Pat yourself on the back!

Hopefully by this point in your pregnancy you can honestly say that you’re lookin’ good and feelin’ better. Go ahead, toot your own horn.

You’ve earned it! Being 15 weeks pregnant may not be without its challenges, but you’ve got several weeks under your belt (remember belts?) and by now you feel more prepared to take things as they come.

Time to take things as they come…

If you haven’t already, start focusing on a more flexible approach to life. Your pregnancy may already have proven itself to be full of things you didn’t expect and adaptations you needed to make.

Even though being a go-with-the-flow type, isn’t really your style, practicing flexibility during pregnancy could make things a lot easier on you later.

The truth is, once you get closer to your due date, a variety of factors may show up that will be out of your control.

Your baby could be a breach, and a cesarean section may be necessary, you may be ordered bed rest for several weeks, or you may go well past your due date – which could be maybe the most irritating of all to someone who feels most comfortable when they are in control.

Being 15 weeks pregnant is a nice time to relax and set some reasonable goals. Figure out what in your pregnancy you are dead set on, and try and name some others that you’re willing to give some wiggle room to.

Get used to things not going according to plan – babies are notorious for not caring about their parents’ plans.

Pink or blue?

If you will having an ultrasound soon, there’s a chance your tiny resident may let you know if you should be buying the pink jammies or the blue ones.

Don’t be disappointed if the image on the screen isn’t clear enough at 15 weeks, or if your baby is being modest. You will most likely get an opportunity to try again later.

But, be forewarned, it is not uncommon for babies to maintain an air of mystery about themselves throughout the entire pregnancy. That may be hard to swallow, but it is a possibility.

You may need to buy green jammies.

School is in session…

At 15 weeks you and your partner might want to talk about birthing classes. Are you interested in taking them? If so, which one?

Most hospitals offer birthing classes for moms and dads, as well as newborn care classes, and breastfeeding classes.

There are even classes for siblings – teaching them how to help care and to be prepared for a new baby in the home.

Most classes may be an hour long once a week for several weeks, as well as classes that can be completed in one long session.

Taking childbirth classes while 15 weeks pregnant is a great way for you and your partner to feel confident and prepared for the big event.

You are what you eat…

Time to step back a take a look at your diet. What your eating and what your not eating is just as important now, as it was when you first found out.

Eating a balanced diet, never skipping meals, and choosing healthy snacks are key to feeling good throughout your pregnancy. Hit the grocery store and replenish your cupboards and fridge with fresh fruits,nuts, and yogurt.

Take time each week and plan out the week’s meals. Preparing meals with your partner is a fun way to reconnect and catch up on the week’s goings on. Dishes are on him, though.

Go put your feet up and enjoy a bowl of ice cream. After all, you’re growing a person inside of you!

A new week can present new pregnancy symptoms…

Let’s talk about new pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester are different from the pregnancy symptoms in the early part of your pregnancy in that they are more easily explained.

You may be urinating more because your uterus is pushing on your bladder. One of the common pregnancy symptoms is heartburn.

The severity of heartburn during pregnancy varies from person to person. Pregnancy hormones can weaken the part of the esophagus that keep acid from coming back up, and that can lead to some major discomfort.

But, unlike some other pregnancy symptoms, heartburn can be prevented. If heartburn is one of the pregnancy symptoms that’s been giving you the most trouble, try eating several small meals a day instead of three large ones.

Try and limit the number of spicy foods you eat. Pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn, are yet another part of pregnancy that you can file under “it comes with the territory”.

It may be getting harder to believe, but pregnancy isn’t forever – your heartburn, along with all other pregnancy symptoms will leave as quickly as they came.

A new week and new goals!

15 weeks pregnant and counting! Your pregnancy is starting to pick up some steam. Pretty soon, you (hopefully) will be throwing around either girl names or boy name and picking out nursery themes.

Make some new commitments to health, flexibility, and problem-solving. Onward and upward!

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