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19 Weeks Pregnant – Beautiful As Ever!

YourBabyLibrary- 19 Weeks Pregnant: Beautiful as Ever
YourBabyLibrary- 19 Weeks Pregnant: Beautiful as Ever

19 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnant and beautiful!

Wow! You’re now 19 weeks pregnant and well into your pregnancy. You’re starting to feel more confident and finding new energy as your excitement about being pregnant soars.

Many bothersome pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, are now behind you. Just think of all the new and amazing things you have yet to experience in this pregnancy…a baby shower, prenatal classes, watching your belly expand as your baby grows.

Embrace being 19 weeks pregnant and enjoy these coming weeks of your pregnancy, bothersome symptoms or not!

Feeling a little tipsy?

By now you should notice that your uterus is right below the belly button. This week, and in the coming weeks in your pregnancy, as your uterus continues to grow you’ll find you don’t have the balance and grace you once had!

Yes, another of those pregnancy symptoms you love! The reason for this is that your body’s center of gravity has moved along with your uterus.

No worries, this unbalancing act is perfectly normal at this time in your pregnancy and can’t really be added to other pregnancy symptoms. All you need to do is a be a bit more aware of the balance of your pregnant body.

More back pain?

Just when you think there can’t possibly be more pregnancy symptoms coming your way, along comes back pain. Again it’s your expanding uterus that is the culprit as more strain is added to the muscles in your back adding to all those other pregnancy symptoms.

You can deal with back pain at this stage in your pregnancy by being more aware of how you lift and bend. Also, try to be more aware of your posture as you sit and stand.

As you’re now 19 weeks pregnant you really should avoid lifting anything heavy! If you find that you have to stand for long periods, ease the strain on your back by putting one of your feet up on a small stool.

Back exercises can help to ease aggravating pregnancy symptoms. And get your partner involved by asking for a gentle back massage at the end of your day!

Your pregnancy and hot tubs…

Ah…how wonderful it would be at 19 weeks pregnant to soak in a hot tub and ease some of those aches and other pregnancy symptoms!

The sad news is that hot tubs and pregnant women just don’t mix, no matter how a nice hot soak would feel. Hot tubs can be dangerous for that little baby inside you.

Sitting in a hot tub for ten minutes will raise your body temperature to a level that isn’t safe for a baby and can sometimes lead to miscarriage.

Also, sitting in a hot tub might lower your blood pressure which can lead to your body overheating.  This can put stress on your baby by weakening his or her supply of oxygen.

During your pregnancy, it’s important that you pay attention to how hot your bath is. The water temperature in your bath should be 100 degrees or less.

Vivid dreaming…

Throughout your pregnancy you may have found that you’re having vivid dreams. When 19 weeks pregnant these dreams may be more intense than ever!

Some people believe that enhanced dreams are the result of raging hormones. Why not consider your dreams one of the more pleasant pregnancy symptoms in your pregnancy?

Keep a dream journal about your dreams to look back on at some time in the future. Not all dreams will be pleasant. You may be having dreams that are frightening and strange.

Talk to your partner about what you’re dreaming and feeling, whether these dreams are about your pregnancy or something else.

Talking about what you’re feeling gives your partner the opportunity to provide you with the assurance you need that everything is just as it should be.

Feeling energetic?

Many women while 19 weeks pregnant notice that they’re feeling a little more energetic than they have in the previous weeks of their pregnancy, and some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms such as nausea are left behind.

If this is you while 19 weeks pregnant…go for it! Do some of those things that need to be done in the coming weeks as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

Why not put some of that energy at this time in your pregnancy into making sure the nursery is ready for your little bundle of joy?

If bothersome pregnancy symptoms aren’t getting you down, take a stroll through baby stores while you’re still able to move around without too much effort. Make a list of items you still need to complete the nursery.

You’re now 19 weeks pregnant and most likely a baby shower is in your near future, and having that list ready to add to a gift registry will make it easy for your family and friends to get ready to welcome your baby to the world.

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