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20 Weeks Pregnant – Halfway To Motherhood!

YourBabyLibrary- 20 Weeks Pregnant: Halfway to Motherhood
YourBabyLibrary- 20 Weeks Pregnant: Halfway to Motherhood

20 Weeks Pregnant – Half way there!

You are 20 weeks pregnant…and are now about half way through your pregnancy! You’re no doubt feeling a lot of relief at reaching this stage, and even though you’re still experiencing some frustrating pregnancy symptoms things should be sailing along smoothly.

While 20 weeks pregnant you’ll notice that your belly is growing faster than ever. However, remember that each woman’s experience is slightly different and you shouldn’t be comparing your belly size to other women who are 20 weeks pregnant!

You also shouldn’t be comparing pregnancy symptoms since the same rule applies: every pregnancy is unique!

Continuing pregnancy symptoms!

Being at the half way point in your pregnancy brings along a whole new set of bothersome pregnancy symptoms. A bigger uterus means you might start experiencing some digestive problems such as constipation, gas, and heartburn.

Yet more frustrating pregnancy symptoms are puffy and swollen feet and legs.  Now more than ever before in your pregnancy you need to pay attention to your posture and what you’re wearing on your feet.

One of those bothersome pregnancy symptoms you might have been experiencing should now be starting to dissipate …and that’s your irritability! As your body starts to adjust to the change in hormones you’ll find that your emotions are less raw and you can start to relax a bit more and really enjoy your pregnancy.

Pull up your chin and know that unwanted pregnancy symptoms are only around for a few more weeks!

Don’t sweat it!

Yes, 20 weeks pregnant and yet another issue to add to what you’re going through. And that’s sweating a lot more than you normally do.

With the extra weight you’re carrying around you’re more apt to lose your breath just walking up and down a few stairs! So it’s no wonder that you’re perspiring more. It’s taking a lot more energy for you to move around.

Also, your body temperature is most likely a degree higher than normal at this stage of your pregnancy due to the increased blood volume in your body.

Sweating isn’t really in the category of pregnancy symptoms you love to hate; it’s just a way for your body to cool itself down. Try to stay as cool as possible by wearing cotton or linen.

Try to avoid being out in the hot sun. Make sure that you drink enough water to stay hydrated. By following these simple tips you’ll make being pregnant that much more comfortable for yourself!

Keeping it a mystery… 

Now that you’re 20 weeks pregnant your prenatal visits will become more frequent. If you’ve decided not to know the sex of your baby you’re going to have to be very vigilant.

You can’t expect every caregiver and technician to know that you want a little mystery in your pregnancy!  Make sure to let your caregiver and the rest of the medical team know exactly what you want.

Hopefully, you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to this issue of your pregnancy. If not, it’s no big deal. Talk about the pros and cons of knowing the sex of your baby.

And remember…if the secret is revealed…don’t be too upset! There are many more wonders of parenthood in store for you in the very near future.

Focus on nutrition

You’ve no doubt been paying close attention to what you’re eating and being 20 weeks pregnant means you need to pay even closer attention.

Not only will eating right ease many symptoms it will also ensure that you’re providing adequate nutrition for your baby. At this time in your pregnancy, foods that are rich in iron are very important for your baby’s development.

Foods that are rich in iron include poultry, lean red meat, lentils, and spinach. Why not celebrate by making an iron-rich meal for dinner tonight!

Treat yourself right!

No doubt about it, being pregnant comes with both ups and downs. At this time in your pregnancy, you’ve dealt with unpleasant pregnancy symptoms as well as felt many mixed emotions over the changes in your life.

You’re halfway there to bringing home that little baby that is growing inside you. It’s time to forget about any pregnancy symptoms that are bothering you and take some time to celebrate the wonders of your pregnancy!

Buy a new outfit for your baby or how about a soft blanket for the crib? Isn’t it time for you to buy a new maternity dress? How about something that shouts out how great you’re feeling and takes away all the stress of being pregnant?

Instead of focusing on the negative, accentuate the positive. Plan a special dinner with your partner to celebrate being 20 weeks pregnant. Taking time for yourself and your partner to celebrate this time in your lives is important.

And if this is your first baby you soon won’t have very many nights alone!

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