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21 Weeks Pregnant – Round And Lovely!

YourBabyLibrary- 21 Weeks Pregnant: Round and Lovely
YourBabyLibrary- 21 Weeks Pregnant: Round and Lovely

Can’t hide it anymore, everybody can see that you are pregnant!

Amazing! 21 weeks pregnant and there’s no use trying to hide your pregnancy…if you were ever trying to hide it at all! There’s no doubt that you’re well on your way.

You’ll notice complete strangers smiling at you and many of them even wanting to give your belly a little rub. Unpleasant pregnancy symptoms are easily forgotten as family, friends, and strangers try to guess the gender of your little baby.

Complete strangers will have all kinds of advice to offer you and stories to tell, particularly about their own pregnancy experiences. Enjoy all this attention now that you’re getting…you deserve it!

Anxiety replacing mood swings?

Have mood swings been one of those pregnancy symptoms that were getting you down? Those mood swings you experienced in the first half of your pregnancy have most likely leveled off by now.

Only to be replaced by anxiety over what the next few weeks are going to bring. While 21 weeks pregnant your pregnancy will seem more real to you than it has before.

Each day you’re heading closer and closer to the birth of your baby. Instead of focusing on unwanted pregnancy symptoms and what could go wrong with the childbirth, this is the time to relax and enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy.

Talk to your partner about your fears and then move on from there. The more positive and encouraging your thoughts are throughout your pregnancy, the better you’ll be feeling both emotionally, and physically. If the better you feel physically while 21 weeks pregnant the easier it will be to deal with those ever present unpleasant pregnancy symptoms!

21 Weeks Pregnant – What’s your baby up to in there??

While 21 weeks pregnant baby is growing bigger and stronger every day. All of those pregnancy symptoms you’ve been cursing seem small in comparison to the wonders of this little baby inside of you.

If this is the week that you’re scheduled to have an ultrasound done, you could be in for a nice surprise. Your baby might be sucking his or her thumb! What better way to forget all the nasty symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

By this time in your pregnancy, your baby is becoming more and more aware of the environment around them, with this awareness comes more movement.

At the 21 weeks pregnant mark the punches and kicks you’re feeling are becoming stronger and more frequent as baby tests the limits! Pregnancy is exciting and wonderful, and those kicks are daily reminders that the baby is doing just fine.

Again with the prenatal classes??

Yes, once again a reminder that now you’re 21 weeks pregnant you really should be signing up for those prenatal classes if you haven’t done so already.

At this time in your pregnancy, your doctor visits are mostly more clinical in nature, with discussions about your pregnancy symptoms and how the baby is doing.

Prenatal classes will give you the opportunity to talk about the upcoming birth of your baby. You’ll be able to learn a lot more about labor and delivery in these classes than you will in your doctor’s office.

Now that you’re 21 weeks pregnant you’ll want to your time prenatal classes so that they start and end about one month before your due date.

And since there are different types of prenatal classes available, take some time to find one that is right for you and your partner.

Whether it’s Lamaze classes, hypno-birthing, or standard classes offered by the hospital where you’re going to giving birth.

Another great thing about prenatal classes is that you have the opportunity to talk to other women about their pregnancy and what pleasant or annoying pregnancy symptoms they’ve been going through.

Just remember not to compare yourself with other women as every woman’s pregnancy is unique. The last thing you need is to feel that there is something wrong just because you didn’t experience some of the pregnancy symptoms that other women are talking about!

Revving up the calcium!

Now that you’re 21 weeks pregnant you need to watch your calcium intake more than ever. While pregnancy your body needs about 1200 to 1500 mg of calcium each day.

An adequate supply of calcium is going to ensure the strong growth of your baby’s skeletal system. As you advance in your pregnancy, you may find that you have stronger cravings for sweet and salty foods and less of an appetite for dairy-rich foods.

While sweet and salty foods may be a great way to console you through unwanted pregnancy symptoms, it’s those calcium rich foods that your body needs!

If you’re having trouble looking at yet another glass of milk then it’s time to look at other calcium rich foods such as oatmeal and skim milk, kale, broccoli, and juices that have been fortified with calcium.

As for consoling yourself over those pregnancy symptoms that are getting you down, a little dark chocolate now and then can go a long way!

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