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22 Weeks Pregnant – Motherhood Here I Come!

YourBabyLibrary- 22 Weeks Pregnant: Motherhood Here I Come
YourBabyLibrary- 22 Weeks Pregnant: Motherhood Here I Come

22 Weeks Pregnant – Don’t Panic… Celebrate!

You’re now 22 weeks pregnant! Isn’t it amazing how fast your pregnancy is flying by? Soon your baby will be born and there’s still so much to do! Instead of panicking, take some time to enjoy your pregnancy.

There are still some bothersome pregnancy symptoms you’ll have to deal with, such as an aching back and sore feet. But not for much longer!

You’re 22 weeks pregnant…only a few more weeks to go. By focusing on your baby you’ll be able to ignore those pregnancy symptoms that are so annoying.

Your changing breasts…

It’s not just your belly that’s growing and changing. While 22 weeks pregnant your breasts are also going through some big changes. The areolas are becoming darker in color and the first drops of colostrum are starting to appear.

By the 22nd week of pregnancy, most women’s bra sizes have increased by at least one cup size. Don’t think of this as another of those annoying pregnancy symptoms but rather think of it as a pregnancy perk!

What can be one of those bothersome pregnancy symptoms is sore and tender breasts. If those tender breasts are causing you grief at night, think about getting a maternity bra to wear to bed.

At some point in your pregnancy, and after giving birth you’re going to need a maternity bra so this might be a good time to purchase a few.

That annoying itchy belly…

When it comes to pregnancy symptoms an itchy belly is right up with on the annoying side! In fact, that itchiness can be quite uncomfortable at this stage of your pregnancy.

First off, know that at 22 weeks it’s perfectly normal for your tummy to itch. Your skin is stretching as it expands with your growing belly and this stretching is what’s causing all the irritation and dryness.

While very annoying this itchiness is one of those pregnancy symptoms that you can do something about. You can get some relief from that itching belly by moisturizing your skin.

Look for a moisturizer that contains cocoa butter and Vitamin E.

Making plans for maternity leave…

If you’re a working woman, now is the time to make sure your plans for maternity leave are solidly in place. You don’t know how long your pregnancy is going to last.

Perhaps you’ll go full term or perhaps you’ll deliver a couple of weeks early. You don’t know what pregnancy symptoms are still in store for you in the coming weeks so you need to make sure your maternity leave plans take everything into account.

Pregnancy symptoms can change at any time, so you need to be prepared for anything. Being 22 weeks pregnant is the ideal time to practice being as flexible as possible so that if plans change in the remainder of your pregnancy you don’t get upset and just go with the flow.

Is your baby joining siblings?

Is this your first pregnancy or will your baby be having a brother or sister…or one of both? If this isn’t your first child, you’re probably thinking about how your other children are going to react when you bring the new baby home.

Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about how this new baby is going to fit into your current family dynamics. Be positive and loving and everything will fall into place. At this point in your pregnancy, all that worrying is going to do is intensify any horrible symptoms you might be having.

The middle of your pregnancy!

Being 22 weeks pregnant, you’re now at the midpoint of being pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and nausea are most likely behind you at this time, and some new challenges and pregnancy symptoms are still ahead of you.

In the first weeks of your pregnancy, you’ve probably been focusing a lot on the baby growing inside you. At this midpoint why not take time to spend some quality time with your partner?

While you’re 22 weeks pregnant take advantage of the time you and your partner still have to be alone before baby arrives!

And if you already have other children make some time to do something special with them so they spend some quality time with you before their new sibling is also vying for attention!

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