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24 Weeks Pregnant – Better Than Ever!

YourBabyLibrary- 24 Weeks Pregnant: Better Than Ever
YourBabyLibrary- 24 Weeks Pregnant: Better Than Ever

Celebrate being pregnant!

Wow! You’re 24 weeks pregnant! What a wonderful time in your pregnancy. You’re still dealing with a variety of pregnancy symptoms but by now the pleasures of being pregnant and the anticipation of meeting your new baby far outweigh those annoying pregnancy symptoms.

You and your partner are most likely sharing the news of your pregnancy with everyone you know. And so you should! Being 24 weeks pregnant is a joyous time and should be celebrated. By this time in your pregnancy, your body is most likely very rounded and glowing.

Most pregnant women find that this time of being pregnant is when they feel the best. If this is you, take advantage of how great you’re feeling and get some of those things done that you might not feel like doing in the future as your body gets even more rounded.

24 Weeks Pregnant – Stuffy and congested?

Oh yes, yet another of those pesky pregnancy symptoms to add to the list. While 24 weeks pregnant you may feel as though you have a stuffed up nose or a head cold, especially at night.

This is because an increase in blood flow in your body is causing the membranes to swell. Not all women will experience these pregnancy symptoms in their pregnancy but if you are feeling stuffed up, there is some relief on the way.

You can use saline drops in your nose to ease the stuffiness. And don’t worry, this will all disappear after you give birth to a baby.

Are those contractions you’re feeling?

At this time in your pregnancy, you might be feeling a few aches and pains in your abdomen. These pregnancy symptoms might be ligament pain from your ever growing belly or indigestion from your uterus pushing on your stomach.

And at this stage in your pregnancy, it could be tiny hands and feet beating a rhythm inside you! If you are feeling true contractions be sure to talk to your caregiver.

Most contractions are harmless and won’t lead to premature labor. Since there are so many different pregnancy symptoms that you have to deal with during your pregnancy it’s easy to be confused which symptoms you can do something about and those that are just part of being pregnant!

At this time it’s natural to question what’s happening with your body. They key is staying calm and relaxed, and asking questions of your caregiver about what you’re experiencing.

Feeling a bit depressed?

You can’t expect to feel happy and wonderful every week while pregnant. Being 24 weeks pregnant comes with highs and lows. There will be some days when you feel as though you’re on cloud 9 and have a great deal of energy to get things done.

And other days when pregnancy symptoms are getting you down and you feel a little sad. While feeling a little sad now and then is okay, feeling depressed isn’t okay and can affect your pregnancy.

If you think you’re feeling too sad a little too often it’s time to talk to your partner and your caregiver. Perhaps there’s a medical issue behind your depression.

Or perhaps you just need to talk to someone about your feelings. Depression is not one of those common pregnancy symptoms that you should be going through.

Comfort and style…

Your body has certainly gone from being a little padded to downright bulky. At this stage of your pregnancy, you might feel as though you’re bulging everywhere!

Maternity underwear and bras are ideal for your growing body, providing you with comfort and support. Many pregnant women find that wearing a maternity bra to bed eases the discomfort they’re feeling from tender breasts.

Nothing feels worse than putting on underwear and bras that are too tight.  You have far too many pregnancy symptoms to think about; uncomfortable underwear and bras as you’re 24 weeks pregnant shouldn’t be on your list of discomforts!

And you can go back to wearing your more fashionable underwear and bras once your baby is born.

What makes you happy?

Being 24 weeks pregnant is a good time to do a little celebrating and forget some of those annoying pregnancy symptoms that you’re feeling every day.  At this time in your pregnancy you deserve a little pampering!

Treat yourself to lunch with a friend. You can share news of your pregnancy and complain about your pregnancy symptoms over a slice of cheesecake. Or how about a relaxing foot massage?

What better way to take your mind off unpleasant pregnancy symptoms than having your feet pampered?  Surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner to thank them for all their support during your pregnancy.

Or why not be totally self-indulgent and spend an entire day in bed reading a good book and eating a few chocolates! It’s important that you take some time to do the things that make you happy no matter what they are.

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