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25 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Shower In Your Future!

YourBabyLibrary- 25 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Shower in Your Future
YourBabyLibrary- 25 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Shower in Your Future

25 Weeks Pregnant – Another week closer!

While 25 weeks pregnant you’re one week closer to bringing your baby into the world. Your hormones and pregnancy symptoms continue to run rampant. Some days, other than your big belly, you don’t even feel pregnant.

While other days your pregnancy is all you think about.  While 25 weeks pregnant your belly is full and round and you’re absolutely glowing.  You’re making plans for your baby and doing what you can to ease uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy brain is still one of those pregnancy symptoms but for the most part you’ve settled quite nicely into your pregnancy. You’ve most likely made all sorts of preparations for the arrival of the baby.

This is a good time in your pregnancy to finish getting the nursery ready. Have you picked out just the right wallpaper? Or what about that wall mural you’ve been thinking about painting?

This is the time to start crossing off your to-do list in preparation for the next few weeks of being pregnant.

Gestational diabetes test…

If you’re scheduled to have a prenatal visit with your caregiver at the 25-week mark you might have a gestational diabetes test waiting for you.

Gestational diabetes can come on quite suddenly and is one of those pregnancy symptoms that your caregiver will want to know about right away.

There is no specific cause for gestational diabetes and the good news is that it typically disappears very soon after your pregnancy is over.

If left undetected gestational diabetes can cause additional pregnancy symptoms and problems for both you and your baby. This is why when most women are 25 weeks pregnant they are screened for gestational diabetes.

Early detection means there will be little risk to you and your baby. Most women continue with a perfectly healthy pregnancy by paying close attention to what they eat and how they exercise.

Although it can become a problem, gestational diabetes is one of those pregnancy symptoms you shouldn’t spend time worrying about getting.

Getting checked while 25 weeks pregnant is going to give you a lot of peace of mind!

Are hips feeling sore?

You may be feeling some aches and pains in your hips. This is one of those common pregnancy symptoms that many women experience in their pregnancy.

This hip pain comes from the softening that is happening in the ligaments of your pelvic bones as your body prepares to give birth. Another cause of this hip pain is pressure exerted from your growing uterus.

Make sure that you talk to your caregiver about these pregnancy symptoms so that everything is well charted. You can get some relief from hip pain by reducing some of the pressure in your leg.

Sit down, put your feet above your heart, and relax into your pregnancy.  You can also place a heating pad to your hip area for added comfort.

Sleeping with a pregnancy pillow is an ideal way to get more comfortable in bed. Your partner might not be so happy about having a big pillow in bed with you, but at this time your comfort is a little more important than a crowded bed!

Inside your belly…

While 25 weeks pregnant there’s a lot going on inside of you as you well know from those pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing!  Your baby’s hearing is very acute by now and this means loud noises can startle him or her.

That sharp kick to your stomach isn’t another of those annoying pregnancy symptoms…it’s your baby reacting to loud noise.

At this time in your pregnancy, your baby will be yawning inside of you.  No one is quite sure why babies yawn while in the uterus but there is some speculation that yawning aids in the regulation of blood flow and fluids in baby’s lungs.

At this time your baby is going through many changes and growth spurts. While you’re going through your own body changes and experiencing these changes as pregnancy symptoms.

Baby showers!

Now that you’re 25 weeks pregnant your family and friends are most likely planning to throw you a baby shower.  If you haven’t already done so, this is the time in your pregnancy to make sure your baby registry is up to date and includes everything you need for when you bring your baby home.

While 25 weeks pregnant, and after all those pregnancy symptoms you’ve endured, allow yourself to feel excited about celebrating your pregnancy!

Remember, this is a time to celebrate and be joyful! One thing to keep in mind when putting together your baby registry is to choose practical outfits for the baby’s first few weeks at home.

Choose outfits that are easy to slip over those wiggling little legs and arms as opposed to those fashionable baby outfits that are so popular.

There will be plenty of time later for dressing your baby up in cute and fashionable clothes!

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