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29 Weeks Pregnant – Wild Baby On Board!

YourBabyLibrary- 29 Weeks Pregnant: Wild Baby on Board
YourBabyLibrary- 29 Weeks Pregnant: Wild Baby on Board

29 Weeks Pregnant – Heading into the home stretch!

Now that you’re officially in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you can expect your baby to plump up very nicely.  Your belly is getting rounder and bigger and you can expect to put on about another ten pounds before the baby is born.

The target weight gain for the average sized women is about 25 to 35 lbs throughout the pregnancy. Now that you’re in the final stretch of being pregnant it’s just as important as ever to eat a nutritious diet.

Focus on getting enough protein as protein is vital for the baby’s growth. Don’t worry if now and then you need a little treat to console yourself over all those pregnancy symptoms you’re going through.

You can watch what you eat and still treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream now and then! Just remember that the healthier you eat now that you’re 29 weeks pregnant the better you’re going to feel during your pregnancy, and the better you feel the better able you’ll be to cope with pesky pregnancy symptoms.

The scoop on breastfeeding…

While 29 weeks pregnant, now that you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy, you’ll want to think about whether you’re going to be breastfeeding your new baby.

If you haven’t already made the decision there are some things that you’ll want to think about as there are many advantages to breastfeeding your baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that mother’s breast milk is best for your baby for a number of reasons. Breast milk is easily digested by babies and therefore reduces spitting up as well as colic.

As well, breastfeeding supplies baby with natural antibodies that help to fight colds and other sickness. If while 29 weeks pregnant you’ve decided not to breastfeed this is perfectly fine.

There are several different formulas available that will provide baby with all the nutrition he or she needs. Focus on your pregnancy and know that the decisions you make are right for you.

The last thing you need while 29 weeks pregnant is unnecessary stress as another of those pregnancy symptoms that get you down.

Stretch marks!

While 29 weeks pregnant you’ve most likely noticed those stretch marks that are making themselves very apparent on your body. As your body changes shape throughout your pregnancy, your skin is constantly stretching.

These stretch marks really are one of those pregnancy symptoms that can be very troublesome. The sad news is that stretch marks won’t go away after you give birth; they will however fade with time by focusing on skin care.

At this time in your pregnancy treat yourself to somebody lotion that is rich in Vitamin E and cocoa butter.

Start applying this body lotion to your stretch marks, although this won’t make a difference to the appearance of old stretch marks, it can make you feel better about yet more pregnancy symptoms popping up in your pregnancy.

There are options, such as laser treatment, if in the future you want to reduce the appearance of these stretch marks. For now, think of stretch marks as one of the few pregnancy symptoms that are completely harmless!

Varicose veins!

No end to pregnancy symptoms? You have that right! Many women by the time they’re 29 weeks pregnant will have spider veins during their pregnancy.

These spider veins will fade away after your baby is born. Varicose veins at this time in your pregnancy are different than spider veins and can be one of those pregnancy symptoms that are quite painful.

To avoid varicose veins during your pregnancy try to avoid standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time. Elevate your feet a few times a day and wear support hose.

No, support hose aren’t attractive to wear! But when it comes to pregnancy symptoms comfort is often better than style!

All that kicking going on…

At this time in your pregnancy, you can expect your baby to be doing an awful lot of kicking in your belly. That pain in your stomach isn’t another one of those annoying pregnancy symptoms, it’s your baby having a workout.

While 29 weeks pregnant you can expect your baby to give you a kick or move around about ten times in one hour. Just remember the rule: just as all pregnancy symptoms are unique so is each pregnancy.

Your own baby may move around slightly more or less than those ten times in an hour. What’s the reason for all this movement at 29 weeks?

Your baby is getting heavier, taller, and stronger every day. And this means that he or she is becoming more and more active as it’s birthday approaches. Enjoy the feeling of all that movement with your partner!

This is a special time when you often need assurances that everything is alright with the baby.  While 29 weeks pregnant, and with so many pregnancy symptoms to wade your way through, go ahead and enjoy that wild baby!

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