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30 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Positions!

YourBabyLibrary- 30 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Positions
YourBabyLibrary- 30 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Positions

30 Weeks Pregnant – Your Baby is a real reality!

Wow! You’re now 30 weeks pregnant.  At this time in your pregnancy, you’re most likely feeling heavier and more awkward than you have before.  You’ll find that you’re moving slower than ever in your pregnancy.

Your uterus has worked its way under your rib cage and this brings even more pregnancy symptoms for you to work through.

Now that you’re so far along in your pregnancy you’ll need to be careful in your daily activities so that you minimize the discomforts of all those pregnancy symptoms.  Do what you need to do to keep up your energy.

After all, you still have a few more weeks to go! You’re not in the home stretch quite yet. Be prepared for still more changes throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

However, the excitement of being pregnant will continue to offset those miserable pregnancy symptoms you still have to go through.

Fighting mood swings…

In the third trimester, as you’re 30 weeks pregnant, you can expect mood swings to be added to those other pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing.

At this time in your pregnancy, you can be feeling very uncomfortable so it’s no wonder that you’re feeling a little grumpy now and then.

Add to that some nervousness about giving birth and whether you’ll be a good parent, and mood swings  are fully expected!  Go easy on yourself.

Talking to your partner about your mood swings and the other pesky pregnancy symptoms that are on your mind will help you feel a little better at this time in your pregnancy.

Throughout your pregnancy you’ve had to deal with a lot of emotions of uncertainty and fear, particularly if this is your first pregnancy.

Now that you’re 30 weeks pregnant these uncertainties and fears can play havoc with your mood. One minute you can be happy and smiling and the next minute you can be sad and worried.

Your partner may not know what to expect from one day to the next! Instead of letting these mood swings become one of those other pregnancy symptoms that get you down just accept that your emotions are going to change from minute to minute.

The key to getting through these mood swings is not being too hard on yourself and knowing that in just a few minutes you’ll be feeling something else yet again.

From hip ache to hip pain…

While 30 weeks pregnant you’ve battled a wide variety of pregnancy symptoms such as a sore back, indigestion, and round ligament pain.

You’ve probably experienced aching hips at this point in your pregnancy but now that ache might just be a little more painful.  You can blame your hormones for many pregnancy symptoms and hip pain is no exception to this rule.

Your pregnancy hormones are responsible for the flare up of the connective tissues surrounding your joints, leading to muscle ache and pain in your hips.  One way to find relief from hip pain, and also helpful for other pregnancy symptoms, is by practicing prenatal yoga.

Many poses can take some of the pressure off your hips.  As well, prenatal yoga can help to strengthen your body as it prepares for the birth of your baby.

Make sure that you take a yoga class with a qualified prenatal yoga instructor to ensure that you’re doing things correctly! The last thing you want to do is injure yourself.

Head down!

Around this time in your pregnancy baby is getting ready for birth by moving into a head-down position within your uterus. Around 25% of babies will stay in the position of head up, also known as a breech position.

If this you don’t worry.  Most of these babies will turn in the coming weeks if they haven’t already.  Spending too much time thinking about the position of your baby in the womb is only going to lead to unnecessary stress.

Your baby moving position at this time in your pregnancy can cause a whole new set of pregnancy symptoms!

Your baby’s little feet will be up by your ribs and his or her head will be pushing on the muscles located at the bottom of your pelvis.

When this happens at the 30 week mark you’ll feel uncomfortable and sore. To find some relief from these pregnancy symptoms you can shift your position in hopes of encouraging your baby to move it’s position as well!

Baby diary!

Now that you’re 30 weeks pregnant it’s time to focus on your future with your child.  Why not buy a baby diary where you can keep track of all the wonderful early days following the birth of your baby.

Your pregnancy has been a time of many changes. You’ve been through the highs of feeling your baby growing inside you and through the lows of fighting through some very bothersome pregnancy symptoms.

30 weeks pregnant is the ideal time to leave all the cares of being pregnant behind and get lost in thoughts of your future with your baby.

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