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31 Weeks Pregnant – Baby At Play!

YourBabyLibrary- 31 Weeks Pregnant: Baby at Play
YourBabyLibrary- 31 Weeks Pregnant: Baby at Play

31 Weeks Pregnant and moving on…

Now that you’re 31 weeks pregnant you’re going to start feeling more tired than you have before in your pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms such as aching feet and round ligament pain around the joints of your body may entice you to stay in bed longer but don’t give in to this urge!

Staying active will help in preparing you for the upcoming birth of your baby.  The more active you are throughout your pregnancy the more endurance you’ll have when you go into labor.

And don’t forget that even though you’re now 31 weeks pregnant you shouldn’t be leaving those Kegel exercises behind.

Kegel exercises will not only help you recover faster after the baby is born they are also beneficial during your pregnancy to ease off uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Labor pain and hypnosis…

While so far into your pregnancy you’re no doubt thinking of ways to stay calm, cool, and collected during labor.  A growing trend to deal with labor pain is hypnosis.

Like meditation, which you may have been practicing throughout your pregnancy to deal with some of those pesky pregnancy symptoms, hypnosis can help your body to relax during childbirth and allow you to focus on what’s happening during your delivery.

Hypnosis won’t put you to sleep but instead, you’ll be wide awake and in complete control of your body and mind.

If hypnosis is something you’re considering, this is a good time to look for a professional who can teach you hypnosis techniques to use when your baby decides to enter this world.

Never ending heartburn!

Are other pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion continuing problems for you? Now that you’re 31 weeks pregnant you may find that heartburn is getting worse each week during your pregnancy.

Heartburn is caused by your large uterus pushing into the abdominal area. This can make it more difficult for you to digest some types of food.

To ease the pregnancy symptoms caused by your expanding uterus, try eating smaller meals during the day and avoid eating foods that trigger your heartburn.

Some foods that can cause problems during your pregnancy include fried and fatty foods, spicy food, chocolate, and coffee. Take time to sit and relax when you’re eating.

And don’t have a lie down after eating as this can aggravate the heartburn even more. Just remember that at your pregnancy will soon be over.

You’ll soon be able to have that cup of coffee that you’ve been craving!

Cute belly button!

Don’t worry, not all pregnancy symptoms are annoying and bothersome! As your belly gets larger and larger, your belly button might be sticking out much more than it used to!

This protruding belly button is the result of your uterus expanding and pushing up against your stomach. Some pregnant women find this sticking-out belly button very unattractive and so they try to keep it covered up and hidden.

Instead of worrying about such a small issue at this time in your pregnancy why not embrace the changes that are happening to your body?

You have so many other pregnancy symptoms to deal with; what does it matter what your belly button looks like now that you’re 31 weeks pregnant?

And you have to admit…your belly button does look cute!

Twins anyone?

At this point in your pregnancy, you’ll already know if you’re carrying twins. If you are having twins, you most likely can’t wait for those babies to be born!

Not only are you huge at this stage of your pregnancy, you’ve most certainly had enough of all those pregnancy symptoms that seem doubled because of two babies in the womb and all that weight that you’ve no doubt gained.

Most pregnant women who are carrying twins will have gained anywhere from 27 to 30 lbs at this time in their pregnancy. As an average, most twins are born around the 35th week of being pregnant however 60% are born prematurely.

The reason for this is that there is a limited amount of room in your uterus. Throughout your pregnancy, your caregiving team has certainly been monitoring you very carefully.

Trust that they know what they’re doing and leave the worrying out of the picture. All those pregnancy symptoms will soon be gone so focus on staying calm and relaxed.

You’ve already made it be 31 weeks pregnant…only a little longer to go and your two babies will be safe and sound.

Baby at play!

Being pregnant not only comes with some unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, but it also comes with some wonderful surprises. While 31 weeks pregnant your baby is already busy playing with his or her first toy!

Baby will sometimes tug and pull on the umbilical cord. But don’t worry; baby can’t be harmed by this playful activity in your womb! What better way to forget about all those pregnancy symptoms than to think of your baby playing inside of you!

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