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32 Weeks Pregnant – Get Comfortable!

YourBabyLibrary- 32 Weeks Pregnant: Get Comfortable
YourBabyLibrary- 32 Weeks Pregnant: Get Comfortable

32 Weeks Pregnant – Where are your toes?

You’re now 32 weeks pregnant and probably wondering if you’re ever going to see your toes again! These days during your pregnancy all of your focus is most likely on your big belly.

If you’re not thinking about your baby growing inside you, you’re thinking about what your birthing experience is going to be like.

And if you’re not thinking about that you’re probably trying to find relief from some of those annoying pregnancy symptoms that are still bothering you.

Being 32 weeks pregnant is a good time for you to finish up your birth plan so you and your partner are on the same page about the baby’s arrival.

If you haven’t already talked to your caregiver about your options for pain management during delivery, this is the time in your pregnancy to do so.

Pump up the comfort…

By the time you are 32 weeks pregnant, you may think that you have all the maternity clothes you need to see you to the end of your pregnancy. During the third trimester, you’re still going to be getting bigger during your pregnancy as your baby continues to grow and put on weight.

Just like pregnancy symptoms keep on coming, so does weight gain and this can lead to some discomfort if you’re not wearing comfy clothes.  Look for comfortable maternity clothing that you can grow into over the next few weeks of your pregnancy.

As well, you’ll want to make sure that your bras are comfy and fit you well. A good bra can ease some of the pregnancy symptoms you’re feeling when it comes to your growing breasts, such as breast tenderness.

Pumping up comfort means you can still buy some stylish maternity clothes, just look for clothes that have a little stretch to them so that at this time in your pregnancy you can still fit into your pants.

Some good choices include wrap skirts and loose fitting blouses.

More about your breasts….

Yes, while you are 32 weeks pregnant you’re going to notice that your breasts are larger than they used to be. Think of this as one of those pregnancy symptoms that are an indication that your body is glowing and round!

As mentioned above, at this time in your pregnancy you’re going to want to invest in a few maternity bras. The weight of your breasts can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

The support you get from maternity bras will ease painful pregnancy symptoms. Watch out for a rash under your breasts at this time in your pregnancy. Yet another of those pregnancy symptoms is that you’ll be sweating more and this can cause a heat rash under your breasts, leading to a thrush infection.

If you find that a heat rash has now joined the list of other pregnancy symptoms, don’t be discouraged. Practicing good hygiene is a must.

Take cool showers and use a little bit of talcum powder in the area of the rash for some absorbency. While 32 weeks pregnant it’s important to pamper yourself when it comes to comfort.

Learning to pace yourself…

At this time in your pregnancy, now that you’re 32 weeks pregnant, you may find that you’re more relieved than ever when you can sit down.

All that extra weight you’re carrying around isn’t just another one of those pregnancy symptoms that are slowing you down; it’s a signal for you to slow down and pace yourself.

Plan time during your day for a rest, whether you actually take a nap or just sit down to read is up to you. Avoid long shopping trips at this time in your pregnancy and if possible rely on your partner to grab those things you really need from the store.

At this point in your pregnancy, it’s important that you avoid activities which are going to put a strain on your body.

If you insist on being superwoman while 32 weeks pregnant all you’re going to do is make those pregnancy symptoms more difficult to get through. And remember that the more tired you are during your pregnancy the harder you’re making it on yourself when it comes time to deliver your baby.

Time for a spa treatment

Need a break from those pregnancy symptoms that are getting you down? Why not think about treating yourself to the spa? While 32 weeks pregnant it’s perfectly safe for you to have a spa treatment…there are just a few things that you need to be aware of.

Avoid any spa treatments that are going to cause your body temperature to rise, such as a sauna. One of the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing is some skin sensitivity.

If this is the case then you’ll want to avoid having a facial done. Other than that, what could be more relaxing while 32 weeks pregnant than having a massage to relieve some of those pregnancy symptoms such as muscle aches?

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