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34 Weeks Pregnant – Relaxed And Calm!

YourBabyLibrary- 34 Weeks Pregnant: Relaxed and Calm
YourBabyLibrary- 34 Weeks Pregnant: Relaxed and Calm

Being 34 weeks pregnant is more exciting than ever!

You’re probably more excited than ever during your pregnancy if that’s at all possible! In about another 6 weeks you and your partner will be holding your baby in your arms.

There are times in your pregnancy when it feels as though you’ll always be pregnant and your pregnancy symptoms will never ease off or end.

And then there are other times when you’ll feel as though you’ll never be ready for your baby to be born.  Most women by the time they’re 34 weeks pregnant feel that pregnancy is a time to cherish.

All those unwanted pregnancy symptoms pale in comparison to the joys and wonders of being pregnant.

Practicing your relaxation…

At this time in your pregnancy, it’s more important than ever to practice relaxation and breathing techniques.

Not only are these techniques beneficial in easing some of your aggravating pregnancy symptoms, your labor and birth experience will also benefit.

Most likely you’ve learned techniques to relax while you’ve been attending your prenatal classes.

Anxiety and stress not only make your pregnancy more difficult these pregnancy symptoms can also make your labor longer and more painful.

As you near the end of your pregnancy it’s natural to feel more and more nervous about childbirth. At this point you have no control about what labor is going to be like.

You may have a fast delivery or you may be in labor for many hours.

Practice your relaxation and breathing techniques and know that while 34 weeks pregnant you’re doing the best you can and your baby will arrive on his or her own schedule!

And no matter what childbirth is like, you’ll get through it just fine!

What’s “lightening”?

For some women, this week allows more breathing room if this is the week that your baby moves down into your pelvis. This movement is known as “lightening”.

If you experience this lightening some uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms will ease off a bit at this time in your pregnancy.  You’ll be able to breathe deeper for the first time in weeks!

Take advantage of this extra breathing room and take some time to relax!  These final weeks of your pregnancy can be some of the most difficult.

Look at your beautiful body in the mirror and smile.  You’re 34 weeks pregnant and glowing!

Pregnancy cravings…

Cravings are part of pregnancy and also one more of those pregnancy symptoms you’ll have to work through.  While 34 weeks pregnant your food cravings may be stronger than ever.

Throughout your pregnancy, you’ve most likely been watching what you eat so that you don’t gain too much weight.

Food cravings are hard to resist, especially if annoying and sometimes painful pregnancy symptoms are making you feel tired and defeated.

It’s okay to give into your food cravings now and then.  By the time you’re 34 weeks pregnant most of your weight gain will be behind you.

Saying yes to that chocolate cake once a week isn’t going to lead to a big jump in your weight.  What chocolate cake can do is satisfy a food craving and let you forget about your pregnancy symptoms for just a little while!

The key to dealing with food cravings during any stage of your pregnancy is to focus on nutrition most of the time and allow yourself a treat now and then.

No hiding!

At this point in your pregnancy, there really is no way you can hide!  People everywhere you go will be commenting on your pregnancy.

They’ll talk about how big you are and ask you how much longer you have to go before your baby is born.

Some women want to talk about their own experiences being pregnant and will ask you about your pregnancy symptoms.  Still, others will want to know if you’re having a girl or a boy.

Just smile sweetly and carry on your way. Don’t let the advice that people offer make any difference to what you’re feeling.

You’ll miss being pregnant!

You may not believe it while 34 weeks pregnant as you deal with a big belly and multiple irritating pregnancy symptoms, but you’re going to miss being pregnant.

Just the anticipation of having a new baby in your life is enough to make you love being pregnant and all those pregnancy symptoms that go along with it.

And face it, being the center of attention is a lot of fun. Enjoy all this attention because once the baby is born the focus will shift! While 34 weeks pregnant you’re still at the stage of being pregnant where you’re glowing and radiant.

You haven`t let pregnancy symptoms drag you under and the movements you feel inside you make you smile at all hours of the day. Enjoy these last few weeks of being pregnant.

Soon it will all be over and you`re be entering a new phase in your life. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed a step of being pregnant!

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