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35 Weeks Pregnant – Hit By The Nesting Bug

YourBabyLibrary- 35 Weeks Pregnant: Hit by the Nesting Bug
YourBabyLibrary- 35 Weeks Pregnant: Hit by the Nesting Bug

35 Weeks Pregnant – Time for introspection!

You’re now 35 weeks pregnant and there’s only a month left before your pregnancy will be over and a new phase of your life with your baby will begin.

Many women at this time in their pregnancy are feeling a little introspective.  You’ve most likely gotten used to pregnancy symptoms whether they’re just aggravating or downright painful.

This is almost like the lull before the storm!  You don’t need to be worried about going into labor at this time in your pregnancy.

While 35 weeks pregnant your baby would have few if any complications if he or she decides to arrive a bit early.  This last month is also a busy time of last minute preparations.

Is your bag packed? Does your partner know the fastest route to the hospital?  Do you have childcare in place for your other children?

It seems that pregnancy is filled with decisions that have to be made about pregnancy symptoms, a birth plan, and even what to name your new baby!

Get these decisions out of the way now that you’re already 35 weeks pregnant and float through this last month of your pregnancy.

Upping the healthcare…

Starting at the 35th week of pregnancy you’ll most likely be seeing your caregiver every week to talk about your birth plan as well as about any pregnancy symptoms that you’re experiencing at this time.

Make sure that your healthcare team knows exactly what your birth plan is. Of course, you’ll want to follow that plan but remember that unexpected issues that affect the safety of you and your baby can arise that might change your plans.

You and your partner should have alternate options in place, such as options for pain management, in the event that your birth plan can’t be followed in its exactness.

You’ve been dealing with the uncertainty of many different pregnancy symptoms so far in your pregnancy. You’ll have no problem coming up with alternate birth choices, and talking about these options while you 35 weeks pregnant is essential- as it is already very late in the pregnancy.

The important thing is to talk to your partner so you’re both in agreement with the options open to you during your labor and delivery.

Meals for the future…

Even though pregnancy symptoms are zapping your strength now that you’re 35 weeks pregnant, it can be beneficial to find some energy to prepare a few meals for after your baby is born.

As you cook, make the effort to double up recipes and put half into the freezer.  In the first few weeks after you bring your baby home both you and your partner may be too tired to cook nutritious meals.

Pulling a healthy meal out of the freezer will go a long way to making your life a little easier once you’re home.

If at this point in your pregnancy you just don’t have the energy to be cooking extra meals why not invite a couple of girlfriends over to cook with you.

You can talk about your pregnancy and all those pregnancy symptoms. Find out what your friends are up to while they sip on wine, you sip on orange juice and before you know it you’ll have a few meals in the freezer.

Cooking at this time in your pregnancy can save you valuable time in the future.

Attacked by the nesting bug?

While around 35 weeks many women get attacked by the nesting bug. You’ll feel as though you need to organize the hall closets and the kitchen cupboards.

You’ll be so focused on all this organization that even pregnancy symptoms that normally bother you will be forgotten. This nesting instinct is perfectly normal.

It seems to be your body’s way of preparing for the final phase of your pregnancy before baby arrives. Go with it!  Think of this as one of those pregnancy symptoms that make this week a great time in your pregnancy.

If you’re reading this and wishing that this nesting feeling hit you now that you’re 35 weeks pregnant but it hasn’t …don’t worry. Not all women feel that spurt of energy at any time when they’re pregnant.

If your pregnancy symptoms are still overwhelming you but you’d love a little organization in your home before the end of your pregnancy, hire a professional to come into your home so that you can kick back and relax.

No room for aerobics!

Throughout your pregnancy, your baby’s kicks and punches have been disguised as bothersome pregnancy symptoms but you’ve most certainly enjoyed that feeling of your baby moving.

Now that you’re 35 weeks pregnant, your baby has less room in your uterus to move around.  Now instead of wild kicks to your belly, your baby is only able to nudge you or give a little push.

No more room for aerobics that add to painful pregnancy symptoms! While 35 weeks pregnant you probably won’t miss those pesky pregnancy symptoms but you’ll miss knowing that your baby is healthy and active.

Don’t worry, you can still keep track of baby’s movement by sitting quietly and paying attention to those nudges and little pokes.

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