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36 Weeks Pregnant – Soon Baby, Soon!

YourBabyLibrary- 36 Weeks Pregnant: Soon Baby Soon
YourBabyLibrary- 36 Weeks Pregnant: Soon Baby Soon

36 Weeks Pregnant – What’s your baby up to?

36 weeks pregnant and your baby weighs about 6lbs.  At the end of this week, at this point in your pregnancy, your baby will be full term. He or she will be in a head down position, ready for birth.

If your baby isn’t lying head down your caregiver may want to encourage a shift in position by manipulating your baby from the outside.

While 36 weeks pregnant you’re still working your way through a variety of pregnancy symptoms…and there are still a lot of them!

Back pain, the constant urge to use the bathroom, shortness of breath, and swollen ankles.

Take heart; your pregnancy is almost over and soon you can put those pregnancy symptoms behind you and enjoy being a new mom.

Vaginal discharge…

While 36 weeks pregnant you may experience new pregnancy symptoms to add to your list of pregnancy woes…an increase in vaginal discharge.

These types of pregnancy symptoms are very common at this phase of your pregnancy and are nothing for you to worry about.

Now that you’re 36 weeks pregnant you’re almost ready to give birth and this discharge is just another of those pregnancy symptoms that indicate changes happening to your body during your pregnancy.

You may experience what is known as a “bloody show”.  A bloody show is simply a bit of blood in the mucus of vaginal discharge. This is just another sign that you may soon be going into labor.


One of the pregnancy symptoms you may be going through when you’re 36 weeks pregnant are Braxton Hicks contractions.

Many pregnant women at this time in their pregnancy will experience some false labor pains before real labor begins.  If you’re having false labor the contractions will be irregular and won’t increase in frequency.

Now that you’re 36 weeks pregnant you should be prepared to go into labor at any time.  Pay even closer attention to pregnancy symptoms, in particular lower back pain.

Before you go into active labor you’ll go through a period of pre-labor.  This pre-labor can last just a few hours or can also extend to a few days!

At this time in your pregnancy it’s important to be prepared for anything. Make sure that your bag for the hospital is packed and ready to go.

If you have other children, do you have childcare in place? The more prepared you are for labor the less you’ll have to worry about when the time comes so that you can focus on your childbirth experience without distractions.

Stock that fridge!

You may think that 36 weeks pregnant is too early to be really thinking about going into labor; however it’s not too early at all!

These last weeks of your pregnancy are the ideal time to make sure all those last minute things are done.  Choose a day where pregnancy symptoms aren’t wearing you down and get your fridge and freezer stocked.

Having healthy and nutritious food available can make those first couple of weeks after your bring your baby home just a little easier.

While 36 weeks pregnant, you’ll still be able to think clearly. So think about loading up on snacks that you’ll be able to eat with one hand!

While one hand is eating a healthy snack the other will be busy nursing your baby. Your growling tummy will thank you!

Lullaby and goodnight…

Studies show that newborn babies love the sound of their mother’s voice.  If at the 36-week mark you haven’t yet been singing to your baby, this is the time in your pregnancy to get started.

Studies also show that newborn babies recognize a song that was played and repeated to them while they were in the womb.  Again, it’s not too late in your pregnancy to start playing music.

Take some time not to think about all your pregnancy symptoms and instead sit quietly with music pressed up against your belly.  This is a great time to keep bonding with your baby!

The end is near…

Now that you’re 36 weeks pregnant the excitement of your pregnancy will soon be over and even all those frustrating pregnancy symptoms will soon be behind you. Take some time to do some things for yourself.

Think about the coming weeks after your baby is born.  You know for certain that the minute you lay your eyes on your baby that the frustrations of pregnancy and all your pregnancy symptoms will be instantly forgotten.

You’ll soon be settling into the wonderful experience of being either a first time mom or mom to one or more.

After dealing with so many pregnancy symptoms, it may feel as though the day you give birth to that baby inside you won’t ever come.

The reality is that your life is going to change very soon as you and your family are blessed with the birth of your wonderful baby boy or girl.

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