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37 Weeks Pregnant – Full Term at Last!

YourBabyLibrary- 37 Weeks Pregnant: Full Term at Last
YourBabyLibrary- 37 Weeks Pregnant: Full Term at Last

37 Weeks Pregnant – Soon, very soon!

Congratulations! You’re now 37 weeks pregnant. At this point in your pregnancy you’re nicely round and as full with your baby, as you’re ever going to be.

You’ll still be dealing with the many different pregnancy symptoms that have been with you since the beginning of your pregnancy.

While 37 weeks pregnant you should be getting a lot of rest as your life has hopefully slowed down by now in preparation for your baby’s arrival.

Your family and friends are just as eagerly waiting to meet this new baby and now you’re probably getting daily phone calls from people to see if you’re still at home or have gone into labor.

Consider these daily phone calls one of the slightly annoying pregnancy symptoms that pop up near the end of your pregnancy! Don’t let all those questions bother you!  You won’t be pregnant for that much longer!

Comfortable clothes for after pregnancy…

At this stage of your pregnancy, you might be thinking a lot about giving birth and losing some of the weight that you’ve gained. Yes, weight gain has been one of those pregnancy symptoms that you’ve not been at all happy about.

Don’t get too excited about losing that weight the minute you give birth.  It may take you several weeks to get back to your weight before your pregnancy.

This is why being 37 weeks pregnant is a good time to make sure you have some comfortable new clothes waiting for you when you get home with your new baby.

Why not buy yourself a new outfit so that you have something to cheer you up when the tiredness of living with newborn hits.

While most pregnancy symptoms disappear right after you give birth, instant weight loss isn’t going to happen.

That extra weight is just one of those post pregnancy symptoms that you’re going to have to work hard at getting rid of.

Helping siblings feel special…

If this isn’t your first baby you’ll have had your other children to care for during your pregnancy.  Just reaching 37 weeks pregnant may sometimes feel amazing when you’ve so busy taking care of the rest of your family!

You’ll have endured all your pregnancy symptoms without always being able to indulge in yourself.

If you have other children you’ll be glad that it is almost the end!  By now you and your partner have most likely prepared your other children for the birth of your new baby.

This is a good time to make them feel special by buying them a unique gift to thank them for all their help throughout your pregnancy.

Or if you don’t want to buy a gift, why not treat them to a night of ice cream or a trip to the movies.

It’s time to celebrate with your family and ice cream is always a great way to forget those pregnancy symptoms for just a while!

Full term baby!

Being 37 weeks pregnant your baby is full term, although he or she would do well with a few more days in your womb.  Try to get lots of rest so you conserve energy for childbirth.

At this time in your pregnancy, you’re most likely finding it very difficult to sleep for more than a couple of hours.

Pregnancy symptoms, such as the need to use the bathroom more than ever, might be making it impossible for a relaxed sleep.

As well, other pregnancy symptoms such as shortness of breath are making it hard for you to walk for more than a block or two without a complete loss of energy.

Being 37 weeks pregnant, carrying a full term baby is not always a lot of fun!  At this point in your pregnancy try to get as much sleep as you can and be prepared to go into labor at any time.

You can try to manage uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms by napping as often as possible and by planning few if any activities until after your baby is born.

You really need to throw aside the notion that you’re superwoman and by now you should have mastered the art of knowing when to ask for help!

Can you work the car seat?

At some time in your pregnancy, before your baby is born, you should reassure yourself that you and your partner know how to install and use the car seat.

You’ve learned how to deal with all your pregnancy symptoms; it’s just as important that you work the car seat.

This may seem like a small thing when some days of your pregnancy it’s all you can do to not let difficult pregnancy symptoms keep you in bed.

Find the time and energy to focus on the car seat so that you have some peace of mind after your pregnancy is over knowing that you won’t have to listen to your baby cry while you fiddle around with straps and buckles.

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