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38 Weeks Pregnant – Excitement Keeps Growing!

YourBabyLibrary- 38 Weeks Pregnant: Excitement Keeps Growing
YourBabyLibrary- 38 Weeks Pregnant: Excitement Keeps Growing


Wow! 38 weeks pregnant and counting…

You’ve reached being 38 weeks pregnant. You must be very excited…you’ll soon be meeting your new baby!  There are still a lot of things happening to you at this time in your pregnancy.

Quite honestly, pregnancy symptoms are part of your pregnancy from beginning to end.  If you haven’t already experienced swelling in your feet and ankles before this time in your pregnancy, by the time you have reached being 38 weeks pregnant you’re most likely going to notice that this swelling is added to your other pregnancy symptoms.  

While 38 weeks pregnant your baby will most likely weigh about 6 to 7 lbs, however, this weight will vary from one woman to another. 

Your baby will continue to grow while in the womb, putting on more weight the longer he or she remains in the uterus. 

Continue to enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy.  Soon the quiet time will end and be filled with the excitement of caring for your new baby.

Non-stress test…

Since being 38 weeks pregnant, is in the last weeks of your pregnancy, your caregiver may have you undergo non-stress tests. A non-stress test can be performed at the hospital or at your caregiver’s office. 

You’ll simply lie down and a fetal monitor will be attached to your belly.  Unlike all the frightening pregnancy symptoms you’ve gone through during your pregnancy, a non-stress test is easy and worry-free. 

Every time you feel your baby move, you’ll press a button.  The fetal monitor is recording your baby’s heartbeat and ensuring that at the 38 week mark your baby isn’t experiencing any stress in the womb. 

If your baby’s heartbeat is too high or too low, or if there is a significant decrease in your baby’s movement, your caregiver may decide to induce labor at this time in your pregnancy.

Really a non-stress test should just be thought of as a screening device given to you so that both you and your caregiver have peace of mind that your baby is alright.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are no pregnancy symptoms involved with this one!

Added discomfort…

During this time, your baby has dropped even more in preparation for birth.  You may be feeling some very uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms at this phase in your pregnancy such as pressure on your bladder, thighs, and groin. 

As with other pregnancy symptoms, this pressure is perfectly normal and to be expected.  Some women may not have experienced the dropping of their baby at this time in their pregnancy

If this is you, don’t be concerned. While being 38 weeks pregnant is when most women notice this “lightening”, not all do.  Your pregnancy is unique to you. 

You won’t have gone through all the same pregnancy symptoms as your pregnant friend and lightening may be something that happens to you during labor rather than at 38 weeks pregnant.

Consider yourself lucky that you’ve avoided at least one of the many pregnancy symptoms that can cause discomfort while you’re pregnant.

Get the phone numbers ready…

While you’re still 38 weeks pregnant and haven’t yet gone into labor, get a list of important phone numbers ready so you won’t be scrambling after your baby is born. 

Doing as much as you can while you’re still pregnant can save you a lot of frustration later on when life becomes a bit more hectic.  If pregnancy symptoms are zapping your energy and ability to think clearly, ask for help from your partner and other family members. 

On this list of important phone numbers should be those family and friends you want to contact once your baby is born.  Phone numbers for your caregiver and paediatrician should also be on the list. 

And depending on what you’ve decided during your pregnancy about breast or bottle feeding your baby, the phone number of a lactation consultant might come in handy. 

Take advantage while you’re still 38 weeks pregnant to prep as much as you can for when your baby is born and all you’ll want to do is focus on your newborn baby.


If at this time you and your partner have decided to leave lovemaking on the back burner for now, there are other ways that you can keep intimacy going in your relationship. 

For some women, pregnancy symptoms have just been too numerous and overwhelming to overcome and the last thing on their minds has been making love with their partner. 

Why not take a nice warm shower with your partner or indulge in giving each other a massage?  Again, remember that every woman’s pregnancy is special and unique to them. 

Your pregnancy symptoms while 38 weeks pregnant may be taking all the energy and focus you have to get through them. 

Talk to your partner about both of your needs and also about those pregnancy symptoms that may be getting in the way of you feeling intimate with each other such as those tender breasts or swollen feet and ankles.

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