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39 Weeks Pregnant – Days to Remember


YourBabyLibrary- 39 Weeks Pregnant: Days to Remember
YourBabyLibrary- 39 Weeks Pregnant: Days to Remember

39 Weeks Pregnant – Keeping busy…

Amazing!  You’re 39 weeks pregnant!  Any day now you’re going to give birth to your new baby!  At this time in the final days of your pregnancy your baby is still growing and at 39 weeks is about 20 inches long and weighs over 7 lbs.

Like most pregnant women at this phase of their pregnancy, you’re feeling restless and a little anxious about childbirth. While 39 weeks pregnant, pregnancy symptoms are still part of each day and won’t go away until you give birth to your baby.

It’s important to keep busy in these last days of your pregnancy so that you don’t go stir crazy waiting to go into labor.  Start a scrapbook for when your baby is born.  Knit a pair of booties to keep your baby’s little feet warm. Or settle down with a good book.

The busier you are the more you’ll be able to keep your mind off pregnancy symptoms and your upcoming labor.

Stages of labor…

Now that you’ve reached the 39 weeks pregnant mark, you should have some knowledge about the different stages of labor. Pregnancy symptoms have prepared your mind and body for a lot of discomfort and anxiety.

Don’t be anxious about the birthing process.  What you’re going to experience at the end of your pregnancy is a natural and wonderful process.  The first stage of childbirth is the early labor phase, which can occur any time before, after, or during you being 39 weeks pregnant.

This early phase can last for as little as a few hours or as long as a couple of weeks, becoming part of those other pregnancy symptoms!  As your cervix softens you’ll dilate up to 3 cm  You’ll experience intermittent contractions that last between 35-40 seconds.

At this time in your pregnancy, you’ll welcome any signs of oncoming labor!  The next stage of labor is active labor when the contractions will become more frequent and last up to 60 seconds.

You can expect to dilate up to 7 cm at this time.  The last stage of labor is the transitional phase when your contractions will come one right after the other, lasting about 90 seconds.

You can expect to dilate to 10 cm in the next hour or so, at which time you’ll be allowed to push.  Your pregnancy will very soon be over as you give birth to your adorable baby boy or girl!

Asking for support…

Whether you’re going through some awful pregnancy symptoms or not, it’s important to ask for help from your partner, family, and friends.

Asking for help has been mentioned a few times but on your 39th week of pregnancy is more important than ever.  During these last days of your pregnancy, your pregnancy symptoms may be more intense than they have been.

These aches and pains you’re feeling in your groin and thighs may be making it hard for you to get out of bed on some days.  Instead of fighting these pregnancy symptoms ask your partner or other family members for help.

Let someone else take the dog for a walk or do that load of laundry that’s been waiting for you all week, while you stay in bed and work through your pregnancy symptoms!

To exercise or not?

If you’ve been exercising throughout your pregnancy, being 39 weeks pregnant is no reason to stop.  Exercise can be an ideal way to ease off some of those pregnancy symptoms that are causing you aches and pains at this time.

While 39 weeks pregnant you’ve no doubt modified your exercise routine to accommodate for your pregnancy.  However, being 39 weeks pregnant doesn’t mean you should stop if you’ve been exercising thus far.

Keep it up in moderation and with the safety of you and your baby in mind.  Being 39 weeks pregnant is a good time to add some relaxation exercises to the mix.  Breathing deeply, lie down on your side.

Isolate one of your muscle groups, such as your calves. Tense these muscles for 30 seconds. Exhale and release.  This type of relaxation exercise is great for relieving pregnancy symptoms such as sore muscles and lower back pain.

Doing what you can at the end of your pregnancy to stay fit and comfortable is going to allow you to endure and control your labor experience that much better.

Hospital mementos…

Yes, you’re 39 weeks pregnant and your pregnancy is going to end any day now!  The aches and discomforts of pregnancy symptoms will be a thing of the past.

You can remember your birthing experience that much more if you plan to bring home some mementos of your baby’s birth from the hospital or the birthing center.

Remind yourself now to bring home mementos such as your baby’s ID bracelet, the crib card, and the discharge papers.

And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!  Yes, your pregnancy is almost over and even though you won’t be wishing for those pregnancy symptoms to return any time soon, this has still been a time to remember!

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