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40 Weeks Pregnant – Nearly the End!

YourBabyLibrary- 40 Weeks Pregnant: Nearly the End
YourBabyLibrary- 40 Weeks Pregnant: Nearly the End 

40 Weeks Pregnant – Where is that baby??

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the 40 weeks pregnant mark!  Most babies don’t arrive on their due date so you’ve probably been waiting for something, anything, to happen!

You’re tired of waking up each day to pregnancy symptoms. You’re tired of people asking if your baby is ever going to arrive. And you’re even more tired of being so fully prepared when nothing ever seems to happen.

Don’t get discouraged.  Your baby has to come sooner or later!  Perhaps you won’t feel so alone if you know that most first time moms go about 2 weeks over their baby’s due date.

Relax and take even more time for yourself at this time in your pregnancy and pamper yourself through your annoying pregnancy symptoms.

Enjoy the time you have left before you have to wake up at all hours of the night. After all, you’ve made it to the finish line being 40 weeks pregnant.

All that’s left if for you to cross that line!

Don’t overdo the childbirth education!

Being 40 weeks pregnant you’ve no doubt read all you can and learned as much as possible about being pregnant, pregnancy symptoms, childbirth and labor.

Don’t overdo it! There is a thing as too much knowledge.  The more knowledge you’ve gained at this time in your pregnancy about the stages of labor the more expectations you might have about how you want things to happen.

And when it comes to anything to do with your pregnancy, such as what pregnancy symptoms you might experience, the less these expectations are going to be met.

While being 40 weeks pregnant leave the text book behind.  You’re more than fully prepared for your baby to be born.  Instead, pick up that trashy romance novel and get lost in the pages for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Nearly the end of discomforts!

Yes, being 40 weeks pregnant the good news is that all those pregnancy symptoms you’ve grown to hate are soon coming to an end.

There are however a few pregnancy symptoms at this time of your pregnancy that might get a little more intense.  As you get closer to going into labor you may experience loose bowel movements.

There’s nothing you can do about this except perhaps stick close to home.  At this time you might also add severe fatigue to those pregnancy symptoms.

Either fatigue or you might feel a boost in energy now that you’re 40 weeks pregnant.  Both fatigue and energy at this late stage of your pregnancy are perfectly normal.

Face it, by the time you are 40 weeks pregnant your body has been through so much in this pregnancy. It’s no wonder that now that you’re almost at the end, things are a little mixed up!

You won’t mistake the real thing!

By the time you’re 40 weeks pregnant you’ve been waiting a long time for your baby to be born.  How will you know that your contractions are the real thing and not just another of those pregnancy symptoms that you’ve come to expect?

How will you know if that twinge is just another Braxton Hicks contraction that you’ve felt during your pregnancy or the start of labor?  The good news is that true labor is pretty hard to miss.

The bad news is that true labor is going to be a lot more uncomfortable and painful than a Braxton Hicks contraction or those pregnancy symptoms that you thought you couldn’t put up with for another minute.

To induce or not to induce?

By the time you’re 40 weeks pregnant you’ll most likely be very anxious to see the end of your pregnancy.  Enough with all those aches and pains of annoying pregnancy symptoms!  Is the end of your pregnancy ever going to arrive?

Some caregivers will suggest inducing labor any time after you’re 40 weeks pregnant. Other caregivers prefer to let your baby arrive when the time is right.

If you and your caregiver don’t feel there’s a medical need to induce your pregnancy there are some things that you can do to perhaps naturally induce labor.

Take a long walk, no matter how tired you are or how much your pregnancy symptoms are wearing you down.  When you get back home you may just find that all that movement has encouraged your baby to make an appearance.

Some women swear that they went into labor by eating a spicy meal.  Since you’re now 40 weeks pregnant why not give it a try?  Take your partner out for a hot spicy meal, or order in if your pregnancy symptoms, such as swollen feet, are keeping you at home.

Perhaps that hot spice is just what your baby needs to be reminded that you’re eager to meet him or her. If at this time nothing works to naturally induce labor, the best thing you can do is take a warm bath and eat a few chocolates!

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