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41 Weeks Pregnant – Feeling Overdue

YourBabyLibrary- 41 Weeks Pregnant: Feeling Overdue
YourBabyLibrary- 41 Weeks Pregnant: Feeling Overdue

41 Weeks Pregnant – Baby where are you??

Now that you’re 41 weeks pregnant it’s hard not to feel a little anxious.  You’re still big and pregnant and family and friends are trying hard not to make comments about the late arrival of your baby.

At this stage in your pregnancy your caregiver won’t let you go much longer than 41 weeks pregnant without inducing labor.  You may not even be overdue at all; it could just be a miscalculation of the date your baby was conceived!

The same encouragement as always applies as at any time in your pregnancy: don’t let pregnancy symptoms get to you.  You’re 41 weeks pregnant and you need to be a little gentle with yourself.

It really won’t be much longer now and your pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms will be at an end!

Baby slowing down…

One of the pregnancy symptoms you can expect to see while 41 weeks pregnant is a slowing down of your baby’s movements.  The reason for this is that at this late time of your pregnancy your baby is full size and there is little if any room in your uterus for your baby to move.

It’s more important than ever while 41 weeks pregnant to track your baby’s movements. You’re certainly seeing your caregiver every day at this time in your pregnancy and taking a non-stress test to monitor your baby’s heartbeat.

While at home, continue to monitor your baby’s movements on your own and be sure to contact your caregiver if you haven’t felt any movement in 2-4 hours. The important thing about this point is the safety of your baby.

Get out of the house!

Now that you’re 41 weeks pregnant you’re probably going a little crazy staying at home all the time and pregnancy symptoms certainly aren’t helping!

Although you may not feel like it and really just want to hide at home and deal with your pregnancy symptoms, it’s a good idea for you to get out of the house for just a while.

Try to make plans for every day so that you have something to look forward to.  Don’t plan activities that are strenuous or going to aggravate your pregnancy symptoms.  And stick close to home!

How about a walk to the store for some ice cream?  Or take your other children to the park for some play time.

They’re no doubt as anxious as you are for your pregnancy to end so that they can meet the new baby.

Ask family to hold the calls…

Your family and friends are of course excited for your pregnancy to come to an end so that they can meet your new baby.  But with those phone calls come the obvious questions about how you’re feeling and how your pregnancy symptoms are treating you.

Yes, you’re 41 weeks pregnant and no one knows better than you that you’ve been pregnant for a long time!  Tell your family and friends that although you appreciate their anticipation, it’s easier for you if they don’t call and ask about your baby or your pregnancy symptoms.

Let them know that it’s difficult enough being 41 weeks pregnant and dealing with your own anxieties and pregnancy symptoms is hard enough without the calls.  Let them know that you’ll contact them when your baby is born.

This is a time in your pregnancy when it’s time to put your own feelings and needs first!

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice…

Even though it feels as if your pregnancy will never end, it really will!  There may come a time at the end of your pregnancy where you’re not quite sure if you’re going into labor or just experiencing a bad moment dealing with pregnancy symptoms.

Don’t hesitate to call and ask your caregiver for some advice on what’s happening to your body. Your caregiver is there for you to rely on when it comes to the concerns and fears you’ve been going through during your pregnancy.

While 41 weeks pregnant it can be hard to recognize the true signs of labor from painful pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain and nausea. If you’re unsure that your labor has started make that phone call.

Get the assurance and advice at this late stage of your pregnancy so that you don’t miss the signals of true labor.  Don’t assume you’re just struggling through more pregnancy symptoms if you should be on your way to the hospital!

Overdue = harder labor?

Just because you’re 41 weeks pregnant doesn’t mean that your labor is going to be harder than if you had delivered your baby a couple of weeks earlier.

The last thing you need at this time is to worry about what your labor and delivery are going to be like now that you’re overdue.  There is no evidence that late babies bring on a more difficult labor! Your labor is going to be just what it’s supposed to be.

So stop all that worrying and relax!

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