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42 Weeks Pregnant – The End of Pregnancy

YourBabyLibrary- 42 Weeks Pregnant: The End of Pregnancy
YourBabyLibrary- 42 Weeks Pregnant: The End of Pregnancy


42 Weeks Pregnant – Lots of attention!

While 42 weeks pregnant you’ll be getting a lot of attention from family, friends, and your caregiver.  Your baby is now officially late!  When he or she finally arrives it will most likely be with skin that is dry and wrinkled from being in the womb for so long. 

This is one of those pregnancy symptoms that affect not you but your baby at this late phase of your pregnancy.  If you don’t go into labor in the next couple of days your caregiver will certainly induce labor. 

After being 42 weeks pregnant it will no longer safe for you or your baby for your pregnancy to continue.  Don’t let this discourage or worry you.  Most women reach 42 weeks without any complications to them or to their baby.

After all, you’ve worked your way through many frustrating and frightening pregnancy symptoms! Keep smiling and know that everything is just fine!

The last of pregnancy symptoms…

Perhaps the good news at being 42 weeks pregnant is that you’ll definitely be experiencing the last of your pregnancy symptoms and your new baby will soon be in your arms. 

Those Braxton Hicks contractions will be stronger than ever at this time. If these contractions start to become quite regular and increase in intensity you may have gone into the early stage of labor. 

At this time there’s no need to call your caregiver.  Just monitor these contractions and get lots of rest. The rupturing of your membranes is another of those pregnancy symptoms that you may or may not experience. 

If your water ruptures you need to let your caregiver know as this is a sign that you’re going into labor.


You may find that at being 42 weeks pregnant, at this late time in your pregnancy, that your nipples are starting to leak colostrum. Colostrum is a yellowish, thin fluid that precedes the appearance of breast milk. 

If you find that this leaking is one of those bothersome pregnancy symptoms that is making you wet and uncomfortable, place nursing pads into your bra to absorb the moisture. 

And if you haven’t already switched to wearing a maternity bra, at this point in your pregnancy you might want to do so. 

Breast tenderness has most likely been added to those other pregnancy symptoms that you’ve been experiencing at this point in your pregnancy. A maternity bra will give you the added comfort you need, to get a good night’s sleep.

Baby’s weight gain…

Since you’re reached the point of being 42 weeks pregnant there really isn’t any room left in that uterus for your baby to grow any more.  At this late week in your pregnancy, your baby can barely move!

Those pregnancy symptoms you found so annoying at one time, such as your baby kicking your belly and weighing down on your bladder, might be welcome for assurance that everything is okay with your baby. 

Stop worrying, take a deep breath, and relax.  You’ve been in close contact with your caregiver throughout your pregnancy and everything is under control.

Feeling stressed!

While 42 weeks pregnant you’ve probably been waiting since week 40 for your baby to be born.  Although you’re still feeling all those pregnancy symptoms on a daily basis it’s stress more than anything that is likely to cause you more concern and problems than those other pregnancy symptoms. 

All that anticipation of your pregnancy ending so that you can meet your baby seems to go on and on!  Don’t let this stress add to your other pregnancy symptoms and get you down and worrying about when your baby is ever going to arrive. 

At this point in your pregnancy, your main goal should be to stay calm and relaxed so that when you go into labor you’re as strong and in control as you have been throughout your pregnancy.

Remember, babies have their own schedule both in the womb and after they’re born!

Fight off the negativity…

Let’s face it, being 42 weeks pregnant you might have lost your sense of humor when it comes to your pregnancy.

Fight off any negative feelings that may be lurking in your mind by thinking of all the positive and wonderful things ahead for you and your family. 

You’ve made it through so many unpleasant pregnancy symptoms; you can work through some feelings of negativity and sadness as well. Do something special for yourself every day.

Watch that movie you’ve wanted to see while you still have some time to yourself, and can watch it from beginning to end without having to stop to take care of a hungry baby! Invite a girlfriend over from some girl talk.

Make it a point not to talk about your pregnancy or any of your pregnancy symptoms! It’s time for you to start thinking that you’re more than just a pregnant woman who is just waiting for her pregnancy to come to an end!

41 Weeks Pregnant – 42 Weeks Pregnant 

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