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5 Weeks Pregnant- Getting Things In Order!

YourBabyLibrary- 5 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Things in Order
YourBabyLibrary- 5 Weeks Pregnant: Getting Things in Order

5 Weeks Pregnant – Little Johnny or Jenny Appleseed

If you haven’t already, this week you may have had the biggest discovery of your life: you are 5 weeks pregnant. There’s a baby in there, and it’s growing like a weed!

At this point in your pregnancy, your baby is about the size of an apple seed. However, while weeks pregnant, your baby is much, much, much more complex than a plain ol’ apple seed.

The embryo in your uterus is now made up of three layers, the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm. Believe it or not, these three layers will grow into every component of your baby’s body.

That’s a lot of action so early in the pregnancy!

Case of “the yucks” of Pregnancy Symptoms

You may be already experiencing some pregnancy symptoms that could be affecting your day-to-day routine.

Pregnancy symptoms such as sore breasts, bloating, excessive fatigue, and nausea can show up seemingly overnight.

Don’t be alarmed though, pregnancy symptoms are perfectly normal. Your body is experiencing dramatic changes, and unwanted pregnancy symptoms are common.

Alternatively, don’t start to worry if you haven’t experienced even a tinge of these annoyances.

Every woman is unique and pregnancy symptoms, or a lack thereof, will vary from person to person.

When disappointing things happen, give yourself a break

While 5 weeks pregnant, you may find yourself more anxious and worried than you thought you would be.

Anxiety is something a lot of women feel at first and can be considered another one of the pregnancy symptoms.

Unfortunately, miscarriages at the 5 week mark and the following weeks of the first trimester are not uncommon.

Blood spotting can be normal at 5 weeks, but it can also be a signal that a miscarriage may occur.

Usually, a small amount of bright red blood is considered to be fine, but dark or rust colored blood may be an indication that something is awry.

If you do find yourself experiencing a miscarriage, there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty that maybe it was something that you did or didn’t do that caused it.

Blaming yourself is completely unnecessary as no one really knows what causes women to miscarry. You may find comfort in talking to someone you know who has gone through the same thing.

Miscarriages are a sad fact of life that not everyone talks about but know that you are not alone.

How you doin’?

While 5 weeks pregnant, checking in with your partner’s feelings about becoming a dad is a great idea.

Some men find themselves suddenly extremely anxious about their partner’s pregnancy to the point where they find it hard to concentrate on anything else.

Communication is key this early. Sharing your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy may be easier for you than for him, so giving him space to process it all is in order.

You’re pregnant and suddenly having dramatically different experiences. Maybe your thoughts and feelings lay specifically with taking care of your body during your pregnancy or just trying to get through long days with unpleasant pregnancy symptoms.

All the while he may be fixated on things like money and how your relationship could change. Be patient with one another.

Sometimes a pregnancy, especially ones wrought with pregnancy symptoms, can make him feel powerless to help and can be stressful on your relationship.

You may also consider seeing a couple’s counselor. You don’t have to be in crisis mode to learn some tools that will strengthen your bond.

Discovering that you are already 5 weeks pregnant could be jarring for even the most stable couples, so it’s best to take extra care of each other and provide enough support as you are able.

Get healthy, stay healthy

Take a good long look at what choices that affect your health and well-being. You are 5 weeks pregnant and have roughly 35 weeks to go, so getting into good habits and cutting out the bad ones are very important.

Be sure and take prenatal vitamins which will help boost the nutrients that will keep you feeling good as your body changes throughout your pregnancy and will help your rapid growing baby stay strong and healthy.

Prenatal vitamins are usually large and dense, and some women find them incredibly difficult to swallow – even more so if they are enduring pregnancy symptoms such as nausea.

Try cutting them in half or in thirds and see if that helps. Supplementing your intake of nutrients is vital, and at this point in your pregnancy, will benefit the overall health of you and your baby, and may help quiet down other pregnancy symptoms.

Don’t smoke or take drugs and avoid alcohol. No one knows for sure how much alcohol leads to birth defects, so a good rule of thumb is to avoid alcoholic beverages.

Don’t worry, that glass of red wine you enjoyed every evening will be there waiting for you when you come back. In this case, the absence will make the heart grow fonder!

Beware of busybodies!

Speaking of alcohol, often times friends and family are prone to think of any woman turning down a drink as an indicator that they are pregnant.

If you have previously shared that you and your partner are actively trying to conceive, they may be watching you like a hawk!

If you’d rather keep your baby news secret for a while longer, don’t let it rattle you when you opt for sparkling water instead of a cocktail and are met with raised eyebrows.

They may be even be looking for any sort of pregnancy symptom – and hiding yours, especially if you have some pretty extreme pregnancy symptoms, may be tricky.

Remember though: you and your dad-to-be are in charge, and being 5 weeks pregnant is very early, so don’t feel like holding your secret close to the vest is being disloyal.

They’ll find out soon enough!

You’re not the boss, applesauce

Your head may be spinning and you may feel more overwhelmed than you ever have before, so do your best to set aside time to relax.

There are things you can control when you are 5 weeks pregnant, and some that you cannot.

Learn how to go with the flow. After all, once that baby arrives, they will be the boss!

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