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6 Weeks Pregnant – Time To Put Your Thinking Cap On!

YourBabyLibrary- 6 Weeks Pregnant: Time to Put Your Thinking Cap On
YourBabyLibrary- 6 Weeks Pregnant: Time to Put Your Thinking Cap On

6 Week Pregnant – All aboard the baby train!

6 weeks pregnant – this pregnancy is chugging along! Your baby is now the size of a lentil. Lentils don’t typically have facial features like eyes, noses, and ears – but yours does!

Well, they will. While 6 weeks pregnant, your baby’s face is looking more and more like a face. Their brain is also forming, and muscles and bones are well on their way. This train is rollin’!

What’s up doc?

If you haven’t already, make an appointment for a prenatal visit with a doctor or midwife.

Usually, 6 weeks pregnant is a bit too early to be seen. 8 weeks pregnant is when most medical professionals prefer to give an initial examination.

Regular prenatal care is so important to the health of you and your baby, so make it the number one priority.

Even if you are uninsured, there are free clinics for pregnant mothers, and some doctors and midwives will charge a fee on a sliding scale.

During your pregnancy you will have options, so be sure and explore them.

Taking the best care possible of your baby starts as soon as your pregnancy begins, and while 6 weeks pregnant you should be making serious plans for your prenatal care.

Before your appointment, jot down any questions regarding your pregnancy, your baby’s development, pregnancy symptoms, your birth options, or anything else you may be wondering about.

You’ve been in the know about your pregnancy for what seems like forever by now, and your thoughts may be racing with all sorts of questions!

Get thee behind me, pregnancy symptoms

If your pregnancy symptoms are developing into more than you can handle and have grown into interference in your life, you may think about bringing up some options with your doctor or midwife.

There are prescription medications available for pregnancy symptoms like nausea. You may get a recommendation for some alternative remedies before resorting to a medical solution.

Regular low-impact exercise may help nausea, as might a specific diet with mostly bland foods. No matter if you are experiencing several, some, or no pregnancy symptoms, be sure and stay hydrated.

Plenty of water is vital during your pregnancy. And, if you plan on breastfeeding, you will be most likely more thirsty than usual – so get used to it.

Perhaps one of the worst pregnancy symptoms of all: toxic friends.

The 6 weeks pregnancy point is a great time to do some self-reflection. Take a good hard look at the relationships in your life that are healthy ones and an even harder look at the relationships that just don’t feel good.

You may find that your pregnancy brings out the best in some friendships and the worst in others. Jealousy can, unfortunately, come into to play once you reveal your pregnancy.

This can leave you feeling awkward around this friend or even guilty. Often times, a jealous friend will express their feelings by treating you as “high maintenance” when it comes to the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing, or even worse – incompetent.

No mom-to-be needs to be subject to those feelings. So, take a look at that friendship. Would this behavior be surprising and something that could be worked out?

Or, is this friend’s negative attitude typical. Whatever it may be, being 6 weeks pregnant you may have a few weeks before you go public with your pregnancy, and you may want to take the time to set some boundaries with friends that have hurt you in the past.

Pregnancy symptoms, body changes, emotional highs and lows – it’s best to keep those who are supportive close to you and in your inner circle.

Your baby’s due date may seem like a million years away right now, but when your pregnancy is over and you are home with a newborn, you will be glad you sorted out your friendships and will be surrounded by those whose love and support you can count on.

The last thing you need during the first blurry postpartum days and weeks is a snarky friend watching you struggle to change a diaper.

Is shop-a-holicism one of the pregnancy symptoms?

It may be tempting, but being 6 weeks pregnant may not be the time to go hog wild on a baby shopping spree. That’s not to say that a few adorable onesies that you’ve had your eye on are excessive.

Quite the opposite! A few celebratory purchases are fun as well as having your dad in training feel things becoming much more real.

What you should avoid is going overboard with toys, lots of clothes, and baby gear. You no doubt will be receiving a plethora of gifts later on from excited friends and family and could end up with doubles!

Or triples! The last thing you’ll feel like doing towards the end of your pregnancy is to go on errands to return things you already bought.

Remember, one of the common pregnancy symptoms is roller coaster-like emotions, and if you aren’t careful, these feelings could end up with you looking like a nutty woman with a garage full of baby hats and squeaky toys!

Good job so far, champ!

Being 6 weeks pregnant is an exciting time. You’re at the halfway point of your first trimester, and the second is starting to be in view.

You’re getting the hang of coping with pregnancy symptoms and things are sinking in. Hang in there, mama.

Between intense pregnancy symptoms making you feel like a walking hormone factory and perhaps still reeling from the reality of becoming a parent, you’ve got quite a bit to give yourself credit for.

So, pat yourself on the back and look forward to patting the big belly that’s on its way!

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