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7 Weeks Pregnant- Starting To Get Your Ducks In A Row!

YourBabyLibrary- 7 Weeks Pregnant: Starting to Get Your Ducks in a Row
YourBabyLibrary- 7 Weeks Pregnant: Starting to Get Your Ducks in a Row

7 Weeks Pregnant – Your amazingly amazing baby this week!

You’re 7 weeks pregnant and your wee-one is growing more baby-like at a light speed pace! About the size of a grape, the adorable arms and legs that will someday soon be splashing around in the tub have sprouted.

At the 7 weeks pregnant mark, your baby’s organs are growing more and more every day. This may be the most dramatic point of development in your pregnancy so far.

Intensifying pregnancy symptoms may be an indicator of just how dramatic…ugh.

You’ll never see the produce aisle the same again…

Your uterus has doubled, that’s right doubled in size. At the very start of your pregnancy, your uterus was about the size of an avocado. Now picture your uterus the size of a large grapefruit.

Eating for two? Feels more like 20.

If all this food talk is making you hungry, then welcome to the pregnancy club. It may not be considered to be a negative pregnancy symptom, but keeping up with your appetite can be time consuming.

Your pregnancy might be starting to feel like a full-time job! Other pregnant women have reported that keeping plenty of ready-to-eat snacks available – especially healthy ones that will stay with you longer (think nuts, berries, energy bars) are a quick fix to getting rid of the rumbly in your tummy.

And go ahead and adopt the boy scouts motto: Always be prepared. Take some time on the weekend and make some pasta salad, or better yet a spinach salad (spinach is a great source of iron).

Hard boil some eggs (this only applies if pregnancy symptoms haven’t made the smell of eggs unbearable) for a fast jolt of protein. Kale chips are easy to make, super healthy, and surprisingly tasty.

Smoothies with yoghurt, fruit, and fruit juice are an easy weekday breakfast and may be tolerable for those with the most unpleasant of pregnancy symptoms – nausea.

Whatever your strategy, the key is to stay ahead of your hunger. Your hormones may be causing your emotions to bob and weave all over the place at this point in your pregnancy.

Adding hunger to the mix may give you a one-way ticket to pregnant lady crazytown!

Questions? You’ve got them!

Hopefully, you’ve made your first appointment with a doctor or midwife, ideally for next week. Be sure and bring a list of any questions you may have.

While 8 weeks pregnant you may be experiencing pregnancy symptoms that feel overwhelming, and talking to a medical professional will put your mind at ease and you’ll leave the office with some coping suggestions.

Right now, you may have found yourself mulling over different birthing styles. Some women are sure about what they’d like to happen in the delivery room right away, and some have a tough time figuring out what might be best for them.

You could opt for a birth plan that includes pain meds during labor, or the non-medicated approach. Some women plan on having a C-section, either for medical reasons, or personal reasons.

A lot of the time, laboring women choose to be flexible and decide while they’re in the moment. It’s a lot to think about.

If it’s on your mind so early in the pregnancy, you may want to do some light research so your questions will be more specific when you speak to your doctor, and they can give you more specific answers.

Your pregnancy is still young though. Don’t stress. You’ve got plenty to think about already!

New plan for persistent pregnancy symptoms…

If you are having them, how are you coping with your pregnancy symptoms? If you’re having a rough pregnancy so far with persistent and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that don’t seem to let up, maybe it’s time to reevaluate.

What is your diet like? Could it be improved with healthier choices? Maybe you could increase your physical activity with something relaxing, such as yoga.

If twists, stretches and downward dog poses aren’t your thing, try some breathing exercises. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but just 15 quiet minutes a day could give you the boost you need and keep those pregnancy symptoms at bay.

Let’s get organized!

If your pregnancy symptoms are relatively mild while 7 weeks pregnant and you’ve got the energy, why not get your home in good shape.

Spend a weekend with your partner (and maybe recruit some friends) going through closets, the garage, and the cupboards and “edit” your belongings.

You may be shocked at the sheer volume of stuff you never use or don’t need. Everyone says it won’t happen to them, but you can’t avoid how much gear comes with a baby.

You’ll be happy you took the time to get organized and make some room for what’s inevitable.

Is my baby ok? How big will I get? When will these pregnancy symptoms end???

The most important thing throughout your pregnancy, and especially now that you are 7 weeks pregnant is to get in the habit of relaxing.

Your pregnancy symptoms are normal and will most likely become less intense soon.

Your baby can sense stress, even in utero, so do your very best to take some time out of your day and focus on staying as calm as possible.

This is an exciting time in your life, so go ahead and relax and get excited!

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