Getting Pregnant

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If you are wondering whether you want to get pregnant–or you’re already trying to have a baby, you are in the correct place. You will learn about fertilization and reproductive success, the key role of genetic makeup in pregnancy and the value of a good pregnancy. We also analyze trouble conceiving and how age impacts pregnancy.

YourBabyLibrary-Considering a Vasectomy

Considering a Vasectomy

Thinking of a Vasectomy? Many men of all ages come to the point where they consider having a vasectomy performed. For some men, this will be an easy decision while for others it will be more difficult. Finding out everything

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Everyone is Pregnant But Me

Jealousy When Everyone Else is Pregnant Once you’ve decided to have a baby you’ll be feeling a lot of excitement and anticipation for the moment to arrive when you’re finally pregnant. However, as months go by and your pregnancy tests

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YourBabyLibrary-EWCM After Ovulation

EWCM After Ovulation

EWCM and Your Ovulation Cycle When it comes to trying to conceive nothing is more important than knowing how to tell when you are fertile. One of the ways to determine when you’re most fertile is by understanding the changes

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YourBabyLibrary-Fertility and Your Weight

Fertility and Your Weight

Is Your Weight Affecting Your Fertility? If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and still don’t have that baby bump you might want to take a look at how much you weigh. If you’re overweight, studies show that overweight and

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Fertility Boosting Herbs

There are many different types of fertility boosting herbs that have proven to be effective in improving fertility in natural ways. The herbs discussed here can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Now that you’ve decided to have a baby

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