Getting Pregnant

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If you are wondering whether you want to get pregnant–or you’re already trying to have a baby, you are in the correct place. You will learn about fertilization and reproductive success, the key role of genetic makeup in pregnancy and the value of a good pregnancy. We also analyze trouble conceiving and how age impacts pregnancy.

YourBabyLibrary-Should We Have Another Baby

Should We Have Another Baby

Is It Time for Another Baby? Deciding if you should have another baby is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your family. Having children, whether it’s your first or third child, has an impact on

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YourBabyLibrary-Signs Of Ovulation

Signs of Ovulation

Signs that You’re Ovulating When you’re trying to get pregnant it can be extremely helpful to know when you’re ovulating so that you can time having sexual intercourse on the days that it really counts. Once you know what you’re

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YourBabyLibrary-Vasectomy Reversal or IVF?

Vasectomy Reversal or IVF

We Want a Baby: Vasectomy Reversal or In Vitro Fertilization? What do you do when your partner has had a vasectomy and now you want to get pregnant? There are two types of treatments: vasectomy reversal, and IVF (in vitro

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