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Newborns don’t come with a manual and particularly for first-time parents, taking care of your baby can be an intimidating prospect. Find all the information you need for tackling the first year of your baby’s needs, development information and more, here.

YourBabyLibrary-Natural Cold Remedies for Babies

Natural Cold Remedies for Babies

Babies and Colds Most babies will have at least one cold before their first birthday. While colds aren’t usually serious, they can certainly be annoying and worrisome for parents. Over the counter medications are no longer available for young children

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YourBabyLibrary-Pros and Cons to Pacifiers

Pros and Cons to Pacifiers

Using a Pacifier The decision to use a pacifier is a personal one and one that is often debated among parents and doctors. Ultimately the decision to use one or not comes down to you. Some paediatricians recommend using a

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YourBabyLibrary-Separation Anxiety and Your Baby

Separation Anxiety and Your Baby

Just what is Separation Anxiety? Many infants go through a phase known as separation anxiety.  Separation anxiety can start at any time and typically lasts several months. This can be a hard time for parents, particularly if your baby seems

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YourBabyLibrary-Solving Naptime Problems

Solving Naptime Problems

When Your Baby Won’t Nap Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your baby would take a nap so that you can get a break and so she’s less cranky when she wakes up? In the perfect world, your baby would be

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