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Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

YourBabyLibrary-Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality
YourBabyLibrary-Daily Sex Improves Sperm Quality

Having Daily Sex Will Improve Sperm Quality

For years now if you’ve been trying to get pregnant you’ve been told that it’s best not to have sex every day so that your partner can preserve his sperm. The general rule has been to have sex every two to three days.

This is no longer the case as new research shows that having sex every day will actually improve sperm quality.

Dr. Greening’s Research on Sperm Quality

A doctor in Sydney, Australia recently did a study to determine if it’s possible to improve the genetic quality of male sperm so that couples trying to conceive could increase their chances.

There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not men should refrain from having sex for a few days prior to their partner’s ovulation date so that they have a higher sperm count.

While abstaining from sex does indeed increase the sperm concentration it can also harm the quality of the sperm. Dr Greening’s research was to test if men could benefit from having sex on a more regular basis when trying to father a child.

Dr Greening’s findings conclude that “It seems safe to conclude that couples with relatively normal semen parameters should have sex daily for up to a week before the ovulation date.”

Studying Sperm Quality

In Dr Greenings research 118 mean where studied. These men had higher than normal DNA damage to their sperm. This was determined by a DFI test (DNA Fragmentation Index) prior to being accepted for the study.

Their DFI ranged from 15 per cent to 98 per cent with an average of 34 per cent. More than 29 per cent is considered to be the sperm of poor quality. Each of the men had to ejaculate once a day for seven days.

After seven days the men’s DFI was retested. The results were that 81 per cent of these men showed a decrease in levels showing DNA damage to their sperm.

Dr Greening’s conclusion is that sperm quality improves the more sex a man has because his sperm has less exposure to high levels of “reactive oxygen” when stored in the testes.

Improved Sperm Quality in Simple Terms

Let’s simplify all this into simpler terms that are easier to understand! The longer you and your partner abstain from sex the more damage there is to the quality of his sperm.

It’s not just sperm count that is important to your ability to get pregnant. Your partner’s sperm quality is just as important. According to Dr Greening’s research, you should be having frequent sex to enhance sperm quality and to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

This also means making sure that you’re having sex when you’re ovulating. When you’re ovulating your egg will be available for fertilization, so be sure to understand your cycle.

Timing sex about three days before ovulation and two days after is going to confirm that there is sperm available at the same time that your egg is.

Having had frequent sex up to this point will ensure that the quality of his sperm is going to be at its optimum

Sperm Quality and Sperm Count

Don’t just focus on sperm quality. Sperm count is equally as important when you’re trying to conceive. Other than having frequent sex there are some things that you can encourage your partner to do to make sure that both his sperm quality and quantity are the best possible.

With so many environmental factors that contribute to the decline of male fertility, it’s imperative that both you and your partner focus on a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Taking measures to improve his overall health is going to boost his fertility at this important time in your lives. Eating right isn’t the only thing that your partner should be doing; he should also be losing some of those habits that are going to affect his sperm.

What’s the point in having regular intercourse if he’s a smoker? Smoking not only decreases sperm count it also causes abnormalities in the DNA structure of the sperm. This is going to affect both his fertility and yours.

The same goes for drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol can shrink his testes and lower his testosterone levels. Both of these factors can lower his sperm count.

The Importance of Enhancing Sperm Quality

Deciding to have a baby is a big deal and once you make the decision both you and your partner will want to make sure that there’s nothing interfering with your fertility.

Remember that it’s not just your body that needs to be healthy and strong, his needs to be in great shape too. Try increasing your chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible not only by living a healthy lifestyle and eating a nutritious diet but having sex on a regular basis.

If Dr Greening’s research results are correct then abstaining from sex is only going to be decreasing your chances of conception. Just be sure that you’re having intercourse during your window of fertility each month.

It’s time to throw the old rules out the window!

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