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Fertility Aids – 7 Secret Tips from Moms

When you’re trying to conceive, who better to take advice from than other women who are now moms? There are some fertility aids that these women swear by when it comes to getting pregnant faster and easier.

YourBabyLibrary-7 Fertility Aids Secret Tips From Moms
YourBabyLibrary-7 Fertility Aids Secret Tips From Moms

The following are 7 of the top fertility aids most recommended by other moms.

1) Castor Oil as one of the Fertility Aids

If you’re having some trouble getting pregnant then give castor oil a try. The basic concept behind castor oil and your fertility is that it helps in the stimulation of your lymph system.

Using castor oil will help to get the blood moving to your uterus and then into your ovaries. This is ideal if you’re experiencing any blockages in your fallopian tubes or if you have poor circulation that might be affecting your reproductive organs.

Castor oil should also be used by those women who are suffering from uterine or ovarian cysts which can be a factor in infertility. Keep in mind that castor oil is not taken orally but rather is rubbed onto your belly once a day and left on for about 60 to 90 minutes.

2) Softcup as a Fertility Aid

Softcup is a fertility aid that is used as a reservoir that keeps your partner’s sperm close to your cervix. Softcup is easy to use.

After you and your partner have had intercourse just insert the cup up into your vagina to ensure that his sperm stays up close to your cervix.

You can as well put your partner’s ejaculate into the cup and then insert it into your vagina and up near the cervix.

Many women believe that using Softcup helped them get pregnant in the first three months of trying to conceive.

This fertility aid is safe to use and is readily available at your pharmacy.

3) Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is very rich in Vitamin E. It’s also full of GLA (gamma linolenic acid which is an essential fatty acid.

Many moms believe that evening primrose oil boosts fertility by stimulating the production of your cervical mucus so that it’s more fertile friendly.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties which act as a blood thinner and can increase blood flow to your uterus.

4) Use “Preseed” and Get Pregnant Fast

Preseed is a personal lubricant that women use to relieve their symptoms of vaginal dryness.

The reason Preseed is so popular to use is that it’s considered to be sperm friendly unlike other personal lubricants that can damage and kill your partner’s sperm.

Preseed is also thought to enhance your cervical mucus naturally and this can help you conceive that much faster. Since Preseed is perfectly safe to use, it certainly can’t hurt to add to your list of fertility aids!

In fact, Preseed is the only personal lubricant recommended by fertility specialists.

5) Electro Acupuncture

Electro acupuncture is a stronger type of acupuncture that many women have used to get pregnant. Small electrodes are placed on certain acupressure points of your body.

Small electrical pulses are then applied to the surface of your skin. These pulses are intended to aid your body in releasing natural endorphins into your body just by triggering the pituitary gland.

This in turn will increase your estrogen levels and help to regulate those hormones that are necessary for healthy fertility and ovulation.

6) The Missionary Position

Women who are now moms will tell you of all the sexual positions the missionary position is the best when you’re trying to get pregnant.

This is because using this position allows your partner’s sperm to gather around your cervix better than any other sexual position.

It can also be helpful to stay on your back for about 10 to 20 minutes after sex to give his sperm ample opportunity to swim up into your cervix.

7) Yoga as a Fertility Aid

It’s been well documented that yoga is ideal for managing a wide variety of emotional and health problems. This includes help with your fertility.

Yoga is great for detoxifying your body while at the same time tightening your muscles. You’ll want to focus on doing poses that improve circulation and blood flow to your pelvic, groin, hip, and lower back regions.

This can then improve the function of your reproductive system. Yoga is also important for reducing stress. There are many studies proving that stress will decrease your fertility.

When you’re stressed the cortisol levels in your body will rise and cortisol can then impede hormones that are essential to getting pregnant.

There are many yoga studios around that now offer classes that are specifically targeted to women who are trying to conceive.

Boosting Your Fertility

Using one or more of these 7 fertility aids can help boost your fertility so that you get pregnant that much easier.

After all, who better to listen to what things can help you conceive than women who have been right where you are? Take control of your own fertility and do what it takes to safely increase your chances of conception!

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