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Natural Ways to Improve Fertility


YourBabyLibrary-Natural Ways To Improve Fertility
YourBabyLibrary-Natural Ways To Improve Fertility

Boost Your Fertility and Get Pregnant Fast!

Most women spend quite a few years trying not to get pregnant. And then there comes the day when we want nothing more than to have a baby. The reality is that the longer you wait to get pregnant the longer it can take to happen.

This is one of the reasons why so many couples find themselves dealing with infertility when trying to conceive. Other factors that have an effect on your fertility include what you eat and your overall general health.

If you want to get pregnant fast it’s a good idea to boost your fertility in natural ways. There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of conceiving.

Eating Right Encourages Fertility

The idea is a simple one: eat good food that is nutritious. Focus on eating complex carbohydrates and lean proteins while limiting the amount of beef you consume. Get some of your protein from non-meat sources such as beans and nuts.

Eat healthy monounsaturated fats that come from avocados and olive oil. Ideally, your food plan should be similar to one eaten by people who have diabetes and heart disease. Focusing on healthy eating will help to regulate your body’s insulin which will then help to regulate your hormones.

Boosting your Fertility Means Taking Your Vitamins

Along with eating right, you might want to consider including a few vitamins and minerals to your daily diet. Vitamin C, along with antioxidants, can help to improve sperm mobility and reduce sperm defects.

Vitamin C also reduces stress on your reproductive organs. Taking a complex Vitamin B can improve both your fertility and your ovulation cycle. And let’s not forget your partner! Both Vitamin D and Calcium can help to increase male fertility.

Your Weight Affects your Fertility

The studies are in and they clearly show that being overweight or underweight can significantly delay how long it’s going to take you to get pregnant. Most women don’t even think about their weight when they’re trying to conceive.

A normal BMI (body mass index) is anywhere from 18.5 to 24.9. Anything from 25 to 25.9 and you’re considered to be overweight, and a BMI over 30 is defined as obese.

Study results show that women with a BMI over 25 took almost twice as long to get pregnant than women with a normal BMI. Add other factors that are decreasing your fertility and it may take you months to conceive.

Up Your Fertility with Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine has been using herbs for thousands of years to enhance women’s fertility. Today there are several different herbs that are used by women around the world to help them get pregnant in a short a time as possible.

Chasteberry is a herb that stimulates the pituitary gland which in turn is responsible for the production of the sex hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Chasteberry balances these sex hormones and boosts your fertility.

Another herb for often used by women to conceive is Dong Quai. This herb works by balancing the estrogen levels and increasing the chances of implantation of the embryo in the uterine lining. Always talk to a registered naturopath for the best advice about herbs for fertility.

Healthy Fertility Means Reducing that Stress!

While some people seem to thrive on stress in their lives, it can have a very negative impact if you’re trying to get pregnant. Stress can lead to digestive problems, difficulty sleeping and feeling tired. All of these are factors that can cause infertility problems.

Many studies show that women who are undergoing a lot of stress in their lives will have a harder time conceiving. Learn to relax and manage any stress that you have in your life. Good stress management techniques include meditation and yoga.

Yoga Moves to Enhance your Fertility

The more fit and healthy your body is the faster you’re going to get pregnant. Although any type of fitness activity that you do is going to benefit your weight and overall health, yoga is one form of exercise that is great for your fertility.

Yoga will help your body to find balance in both breath and movement. This promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Knowing your Body can Peak your Fertility

There is one day in your monthly cycle where your fertility is at its optimum. Knowing when you ovulate can make all the difference in getting pregnant in the shortest time possible.

Your cycle can vary from one month to the next so keeping track of your ovulation days is one way that you can target the best day of the month to have sex.

Naturally boosting your fertility is all about being aware of your cycle so that your fertile window of the month is clearly in sight.

Making the Change to your Fertility

The above are natural ways that you can improve your fertility so that you and your partner conceive sooner rather than later. Find ways to relax and not think too much about what’s going to happen if you don’t get pregnant right away.

The statistics are in your favor and show that 84 per cent of couples under the age of 35 who are trying to get pregnant achieve success in the first year.

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