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Preconception Checklist for Men

YourBabyLibrary-Preconception Checklist For Men
YourBabyLibrary-Preconception Checklist For Men

Men Have a Preconception Checklist Too

Deciding to have a baby is an important decision in your life. While it’s mostly women who prepare for conception there is also a preconception checklist for men as well.

After all, it takes both of you to make a baby. Even though your partner isn’t going to be the one carrying your baby during pregnancy there are some things that he should focus on to make sure that he’s in prime condition for making a baby.

Eating Healthy for Conception

Both of you should be trying to eat as healthy as you can at this time. Make sure that his diet is filled with fertility boosting foods that are going to optimize his sperm quality and quantity.

Try to eat organically whenever you can to avoid as many harmful chemicals and toxins as possible. This includes eating dairy products that are organic as well.

Non-organic dairy products are filled with antibodies and hormones that can cause hormone imbalances in the body. Both male and female fertility is adversely affected when you’re not eating right.

Cleaning His Body for Preconception

Both the male and female endocrine system is under a lot of stress due to the many chemicals and toxins we put into our bodies. Your endocrine system is responsible for the production of hormones and secretions in the body.

Hormone imbalances in your partner’s body can result in low sperm count and poor sperm quality. Both are factors in male infertility. Consider putting him on a fertility cleanse which can help to detoxify his liver. It’s the liver that is responsible for filtering the many toxins out of the body.

A thorough cleanse will help to balance his hormones and get his endocrine system working more effectively. This can help to improve sperm quality and any other fertility issues that you might be experiencing.

Losing Bad Habits is on the Preconception Checklist

If he has some bad habits such as smoking and drinking a bit too much on weekends then it’s time to lose these habits. Both smoking and alcohol can affect sperm quality and quantity.

There is also a risk of birth defects when your partner smokes or drinks. Even though it might be hard to convince him that losing these habits is on the checklist, you can let him know that it’s not forever.

And it doesn’t mean that he’s never going to be able to have a drink again! Remind him that both of you need to be as healthy as possible when you’re trying to conceive.

Preconception and His Weight

It’s not just overweight or underweight women who can have problems getting pregnant. Studies show that even men who are trying to have a baby need to take a look at their weight.

Just an extra 20 pounds can make a difference in male fertility, and decrease your chances of conceiving by almost 10 per cent. This is significant when there’s only a small window each month for you to get pregnant to begin with.

Encourage him to lose a few pounds. Not only will losing weight be good for trying to conceive it’s also going to be a good thing for his overall health.

A Doctor’s Visit During Preconception

Your partner should be encouraged to get a preconception checkup with his doctor. Even though you’re the one who is going to need to be in good health during your pregnancy, his health is just as important as you try to make a baby.

A doctor’s visit will make sure that he’s in good health and check to see if there’s anything in his medical history that could have an effect on his fertility. It will also be a good way to find out if any of the medications he might be taking could decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

Taking care of the things on his preconception checklist now is going to prevent problems in the future.

Boxers and Hot Tubs on the Checklist

The old myth that men who are trying to have a baby shouldn’t wear tight pants is absolutely true! Tight jeans are going to heat up his testicles, and this can decrease the viability of his sperm.

The same goes for hot tubs. High temperatures can also have an adverse effect on his sperm. So why take a chance? Go out and buy him a pack of boxers, and leave the hot tub behind for just a while.

His Laptop and Conception

The results are in and show that the heat from his laptop can lower his sperm count. Most men put their laptop on their lap and this will very quickly heat up his scrotum region.

It doesn’t mean that he has to put away his laptop, it just means that he shouldn’t put it in his lap.

His Preconception Health

Don’t let him think that he’s on his own when it comes to his preconception health. Both of you need to be in great health when you’re trying to conceive so you’re both on the journey towards optimum health.

Focus on your own checklist while he’s focusing on his. The end result is going to be a healthy conception as you make your way towards becoming parents!

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