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Robitussin to Improve Fertility

Robitussin to Improve FertilityCan Robitussin Help You Get Pregnant?

Robitussin is a brand of cough syrup that is widely used across North America. So it might be a bit surprising to know that it’s also used in relation to helping in getting pregnant.

Robitussin is an expectorant that thins and loosens any mucus in your body. And this means it works on your cervical mucus too. But just how is Robitussin used and will it help you get pregnant faster?

The Magic Ingredient in Robitussin

It’s not Robitussin itself that can be a fertility booster, it’s an ingredient called “Guaifenesin” that thins the mucus. Guaifenesin has been used in cough syrups and cold medications since about 1941.

It was the 1980s that women first noticed that Robitussin also seemed to have an effect on their cervical mucus. When your cervical mucus is thinned it makes it easier for your partner’s sperm to travel through your reproductive system.

Now many women who are having trouble getting pregnant are trying Robitussin to improve their chances of conceiving.

When Should You Take Robitussin?

You won’t want to be taking Robitussin all the time rather you’ll want to take it on those days when it’s going to be most effective. Your partner’s sperm can live for up to five days in your reproductive system.

For this reason, it’s common to start taking Robitussin about five days before you expect to ovulate. Continue taking the syrup for about six days. This is the general rule if you have a regular cycle.

If your cycle is irregular it can be a bit harder to pinpoint when to take Robitussin. Start taking it about five days before the earliest day that you anticipate you might ovulate.

If you’re taking Clomid it will be a bit easier to know when to take Robitussin. Wait until one day after you take your last Clomid pill to start taking Robitussin.

How Much Robitussin to Take

The next thing to determine is how much Robitussin you should be taking. Most doctors who advocate the use of this medication recommend that you take two teaspoons orally three times every day.

The total dose for one day will be 600mg. If your mucus still seems to be thick and it doesn’t stretch too much you can increase the dose to about four teaspoons orally four times every day.

The maximum dose for Robitussin is 1600mg a day so be sure not to take any more than this. Make sure that you take each dose with a glass of water.

You’ll also need to drink a lot of water during the day to encourage the thinning of mucus.

 Is Robitussin the Only Brand?

Although Robitussin is the most common brand of cough syrup there are other brands as well as generic medications available that contain guaifenesin.

If you’re going to be buying other brands just be sure that Guaifenesin is the main active ingredient. If you’re concerned about your sugar level intake you can use a brand known as “Tussin” which is diabetic approved.

When buying Robitussin look for the simple one that doesn’t have any other letters behind the name. This is an indication that there are other active ingredients in the medication as well.

There should be at least 100mg of Guaifenesin per teaspoon listed on the ingredient list. You want to make sure that you’re not taking a decongestant that is intended to dry up mucus as this will also dry up your cervical mucus.

Robitussin Doesn’t Produce Mucus

One thing that it’s important to know is that Robitussin doesn’t actually produce mucus. It will only thin your cervical mucus when it’s there to be thin.

This means that if your body isn’t producing any cervical mucus that you might not be ovulating. And this means that you won’t be able to conceive even by taking Robitussin.

If this is the case then your doctor may suggest infertility treatments for you which can include taking Clomid, a fertility drug to stimulate ovulation.

Or perhaps IUI (intrauterine insemination) will be best for your situation.

Other Ways to Improve Cervical Mucus

Along with taking Robitussin to thin your cervical mucus, there are some other things that you can do as well. There are some natural remedies that many women swear by.

This includes eating very salty foods and taking evening primrose oil. You might also want to avoid consuming a lot of dairy products when you’re trying to conceive as they can thicken your cervical mucus.

Another tip for improving your cervical mucus that is gaining attention is to drink grapefruit juice. Remember that if you’re taking some prescription medications that drinking grapefruit juice is not recommended.

Be sure to check with your doctor.

Improving Fertility

When you’re trying to conceive and it’s just not happening there can be many reasons why. Don’t become discouraged as it can take up to a year for many couples to become pregnant.

Go ahead and try using Robitussin to see if there’s an improvement in your cervical mucus. Doing what you can to boost your fertility isn’t going to do any harm.

The important thing is that you relax and don’t become too overwhelmed with trying to conceive.

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