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Best Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant

YourBabyLibrary-Best Sexual Positions For Getting Pregnant
YourBabyLibrary-Best Sexual Positions For Getting Pregnant

Will Sexual Positions Help You Get Pregnant?

When you’re trying to conceive, you’ll find all kinds of information about how you can get pregnant as fast as possible. This includes information about which sexual positions are best when you’re trying to get pregnant.

It’s believed by many that there some sexual positions which are better for conceiving than others. If you’re having some difficulty getting pregnant, you might want to try to focus on one or two of the following positions for a while to see if it helps you conceive.

The Missionary Position

The missionary position is good for many couples trying to get pregnant. Your uterus is situated “anteversum”. This means that it bends forward to the front. In the missionary position you’ll be on your back and this allows your uterus to drop back a bit.

In this position, your partner’s sperm will be able to enter your uterus and fallopian tubes a lot easier than when using other sexual positions.  Keep in mind that not all women will have their uterus situated so that it bends towards the front.

Some women have a uterus that is “retroversum” which means that it bends toward the back. While not abnormal to have your uterus bend this way it’s also not common.

Talk to your doctor about your uterus position. If your uterus is retroversum then the missionary position won’t be the best sexual position for you.

The Rear Entry Position

The rear entry position is another good position to get you pregnant. When your partner is behind you, your uterus will drop forward to the front.

This will give your partner’s sperm more room to move into your cervix and then into your uterus. With this deeper penetration, his sperm will be ejaculated closer to your cervix.

If you find out that you have a retroversed uterus then the rear entry position will be ideal for you!

Lying Side by Side

The lying side by side position is good to use if you or your partner have back problems. You can either be face to face or your partner can be spooning you.

While penetration won’t be as deep, your partner’s sperm will still be deposited closer to your cervix so that your chances of conceiving are increased.

Should you Orgasm?

Even though your orgasm has nothing to do with the sexual position it still deserves a mention here. Studies show that when you have an orgasm your reproductive system will have little contractions.

These contractions can help push your partner’s sperm up towards your cervix. So go ahead and enjoy yourself when you’re trying to get pregnant! Also, remember that many women believe that if you have an orgasm that you’ll have a boy.

Raising Your Hips

There’s a lot of information to be found about raising your hips after sex so that you encourage his sperm to swim a little easier. If you’ve been having difficulty getting pregnant, then why not give this a try.

After your partner has ejaculated, just lie on your back with a pillow under your hips for about 20 minutes. There are expensive “fertility pillows” that you can purchase for just this purpose, but you don’t need to spend any money at all.

Just use that pillow or a rolled up towel if you like instead.

Avoid the Hot Tub

Trying to get pregnant means that you’re having a lot of sex! Keeping things exciting and fun can sometimes be a challenge. While it’s great to shake things up now and then this doesn’t include having sex in the hot tub.

Hot water can adversely affect your partner’s sperm production. As well, having sex in water often means that his sperm ends up in the water and not in heading up to your cervix.

Myths Beyond Sexual Position

Some couples think that having sex all the time is going to increase their chances of conception. This is just a myth. While it’s okay to have sex whenever you want it’s important that you time sexual intercourse for when you’re ovulating.

This means about three days before your ovulation date and two days after. This will also be the best time to use one of the best sexual positions for conceiving.

Sexual Positions Doesn’t Guarantee Pregnancy

Even with all the studies done on the best sexual position to use to get pregnant, there’s no guarantee that positioning is going to result in you conceiving. Couples get pregnant without ever thinking about what position that they’re using.

It’s only when you fail to pass the pregnancy test time and time again that you start to look at things that you can do to improve your chances. Go ahead and try using the positions described here but remember that it’s no surety that you’ll conceive.

If you have infertility problems there’s no position that is going to be an answer to not getting pregnant. If you’ve been trying for about a year to conceive and still aren’t pregnant, then it’s time to talk to your doctor and get medical care.

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