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Should We Have Another Baby

YourBabyLibrary-Should We Have Another Baby
YourBabyLibrary-Should We Have Another Baby

Is It Time for Another Baby?

Deciding if you should have another baby is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your family. Having children, whether it’s your first or third child, has an impact on every member of your family.

Many couples spend a lot of time wondering if they should get pregnant again. There are so many things to think about before you add another member to your family such as your finances and whether you have time for another child.

You may also be wondering if you’ll regret it sometime in the future if you decide not to have another baby. Try to remember that all families are unique and that when it comes to size what works for one family may not work for another.

Another Baby Means Bigger Family Size

For some couples deciding to have another baby comes down to family size. The more children you have, the more difficult it is to do things with them.

Taking vacations, a trip to the grocery store, or providing them with extracurricular activities are all more complicated when you have more than one child. It seems as though society is built around a family of four.

For some reason, we’ve been conditioned that four is the magic number when it comes to family size. Families with only one child seem to be frowned upon while families with four or more children seem to be avoided!

Decide what’s right for you and your family, and don’t worry about what others are going to think.

Having Another Baby When You Already have Two

Many couples who have two children go on to have a third because they feel that there’s something missing and that they have more love and time to give to another child.

Even though it seems as though two is the right number of children for many couples in North America, those who go on to have a third baby feel they have the perfect family size.

They say that having a third child builds more independence for each child as they can’t all have their parent’s attention at the same time.

They also claim that having a third child reduces some of the sibling rivalries that happens in families of two children.

The Realities of Having Another Baby

Making a decision about whether or not to have another baby means you need to look at the realities of having a bigger family. In the end, a lot of this comes down to money.

The bigger your family is, the more money you’re going to need to be able to provide them with all the things they need. Everyday expenses for food and clothing are going to be significantly higher the more children you have.

Extracurricular activities outside of school can become quite costly so you may have to limit the number of interests you get your children involved in. Then there’s college tuition that you need to think about for the future.

For many couples having another baby comes down to finances. It seems as though where women want to have another child based on emotions, for men the decision is most often based on whether or not they can comfortably afford another baby.

The bottom line is that more children mean higher expenses and more responsibility. Are you prepared for that?

The Stress of Having Another Baby

If you and your partner had a stress-free time getting pregnant, and your pregnancy and delivery were relatively easy, then having another child may be an easy decision for you.

However, if you’ve been through the stress and emotional rollercoaster of fertility problems you may want to reconsider the impact that trying again is going to have on your family and your relationship.

For some couples, the physical and emotional demands of having another baby outweigh the joy they would have if they had another child.

Blended Families and a New Baby

If one of you already has children from another relationship you may be wondering if you should have your own baby together. This can be a tricky situation if only one of you already has children and really doesn’t want another.

If there are step-children involved it can be even more difficult to decide what’s best for everyone. While some children enjoy having another sibling, others feel as though they’ve been pushed aside in favor of the new baby.

Take some time to carefully consider the impact another child is going to have on your new blended family.

The Right and Wrong Reasons for Having another Child

There are right and wrong reasons for having another baby. Only you and your partner can determine what’s best for you based on your own family dynamics and not based on what society is telling you to do.

Pressure from other family members and friends can be uncomfortable, but giving in to what they think is probably the worst thing that you can do.

The only really good reason for having another baby is because you and your partner want to. When you have the desire, time, finances, and love to give freely to another baby, then you’ll know that the decision is the right one for you.

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