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Wonderful Sounds for Sleep

YourBabyLibrary-Wonderful Sounds For Sleep
YourBabyLibrary-Wonderful Sounds For Sleep

Soothing Sounds for Sleep

Babies are used to a lot of sounds even when they’re in your womb for nine months. In your womb, there’s the constant sound of your heartbeat and the sound of your voice.

It’s no wonder that when you try to put your newborn down in a quiet room that he has a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. The solution to this is providing your baby with some wonderful sounds for sleeping.

Music for Sleeping

Many parents choose music to soothe their baby to sleep. If this is your choice, then choose your baby’s bedtime music very carefully.

There are some sounds that are just going to be too stimulating and intricate to calm your baby, such as classical music and jazz. He won’t be able to relax and ease into sleep if the music that he’s listening to is too lively.

You want to pick music that is soft and repetitive. Lullabies are great for lulling your baby to sleep both at naptime and for bedtime.

There are many music tapes on the market that have been created for the simple purpose of putting your baby to sleep. Make sure that you pick something that you’re going to be able to listen to yourself night after night.

When playing music you’ll want a device that allows you to put the tape on repeat so that it keeps playing for as long as you need it to.

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds are another good choice when it comes to soothing sounds for your baby to fall asleep to. Again, these types of tapes are available everywhere. Choose sounds such as a waterfall, raindrops, or running water.

These are the types of sounds that your baby listened to while he was in your womb. Other good options are the sound of a clock ticking or the bubbling sounds of a fish tank.

Before you make your choice, ask yourself if this is a sound that you yourself find relaxing and calming.

White Noise

Many babies enjoy the sound of white noise to help them sleep and to calm them during the day. White noise will also help your baby to sleep deeper and longer.

You can buy a white noise machine for less than $100 and many parents swear this is the best investment they ever made when it comes to getting their baby to sleep.

White noise works by blocking out any stimulation that is happening around your baby. Another benefit of white noise is that it will help you to sleep well along with your baby.

Babies can be quite noisy when they sleep since they make a lot of grunting and gurgling sounds. White noise will help you and your partner get the sleep you need as parents of a young baby.

Calming Sounds Wherever Your Baby Sleeps

Once your baby is used to falling asleep to his special sounds, you can use this to your advantage. Play your baby’s music, nature sounds, or white noise anytime you want to calm him and when you want him to sleep.

If your house is overly noisy one day you can put on his tape so that he sleeps deeper and longer. Many babies are easily awakened by noises such as the clatter of dishes or children playing. Using soothing sounds can help your baby make the transition from a quiet home at night to a nosier one during the day.

Using Wonderful Sounds to Fall Back to Sleep

Once your baby is familiar with his own calming music or relaxing sounds you can use this at night to get him back to sleep if he wakes up.

Many babies, when they wake up during the night, are difficult if not impossible to soothe back to sleep. Playing sounds that are familiar to him will ease him back into sleep.

If he wakes up again just keep repeating the process until he learns, over time, to soothe himself. Younger babies aren’t usually capable of sleeping through the night as they need to wake up at least once to nurse or bottle feed.

This is important so that they can meet their nutritional needs.

The sound of Your Voice

Perhaps the best thing to help your baby fall asleep is the sound of your own voice. Your soothing voice will help to relax and calm your baby. Talk to him in a tranquil voice as you put him to bed for a nap or for the night.

Let him know that you love him and that you’re right there in the next room for him. Remember to keep your voice as soothing as possible.

If you’re feeling stressed or rushed your baby is going to be able to detect this from your voice. Consider getting into the routine of reading the same bedtime book to your baby whenever you’re putting him down to sleep.

He’ll soon learn to associate the reading of that book with the understanding that it’s time for him to go to sleep.

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